For single-family dwellings and residential buildings with 8 or fewer units, recyclables are collected every second Thursday.

For residential buildings with 9 or more units and industrial facilities, commercial businesses, and institutions, recyclables are collected every Thursday.

Consult the dates of the collections


The bins must be placed at the curb between 7 p.m. the day before and 6:30 a.m. the morning of collection. They must be removed the day after collection.

You must place your bin on your property near the sidewalk. The lid must be tightly closed. No material should protrude out of the bin or be placed beside it. You must leave a clearance of 1 m (3 ft) around the bin.

In order to allow for mechanized collection, only the 360-litre wheeled bin is accepted. Material placed beside the bin will not be collected.

Use your bins properly

What can be recycled?

We recycle

Newspapers, magazines, wrapping paper, envelopes, file folders, cardboard boxes and packaging, and multi-layer containers—these are made primarily of paper fiber (bleached cardboard) and are used for packaging liquid foods, such as soup or broth, and beverages, such as fruit juice and dairy products.

We do not recycle

Soiled or greasy paper, padded envelopes, wax paper, photographic paper, metallic paper, toilet paper, wallpaper, etc.

We recycle

Bottles, containers, bags, all plastic lids and tops, etc.

We do not recycle

Styrofoam (#6), soiled or greasy plastic bags, plastic wrapping, and rubber items.

Types de plastique interdit dans le recyclage

We recycle

Tin cans, hangers, soft drink cans, aluminium plates, tin foil, etc.

We do not recycle

Paint or aerosol containers, tools and auto parts, batteries, electronic devices, household appliances, etc.

We recycle

Bottles and jars of all shapes and colours, etc.

There is a glass collection container at Saint-Denis Park.

We do not recycle

Mirror, window glass, dishes, porcelain, pottery, crystal, Pyrex, incandescent of fluorescent light bulbs.

To obtain a recycling bin

Residents who do not have a recycling bin or wish to purchase one additional at a cost of $100 by contacting the Environment Management division at 450-466-3199.

Lots of good reasons to recycle

The environment and quality of life for future generations have always been top priorities in Saint-Lambert.

Throwing away reusable materials is a wasteful practice that is costly and pollutes our environment. Landfill sites are filled to capacity and waste elimination costs continue to rise. Recycling, on the other hand, creates jobs and enables us to use 10 to 20 times less energy than producing products from new resources.

To attain the objectives set by the Quebec policy that aims to divert 70% of waste to recycling boxes.

According to Recyc-Québec, 85% of the waste we produce could be recycled or reused in other ways. This represents millions of tons of materials that fill our garbage dumps and that might have been reused. So, let’s all think twice before throwing things away. To encourage you to do this, we’ve compiled a list of businesses that will accept a multitude of products for recycling. You can consult the list on the ‘Directory of recyclers’ page.

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