Windshield washer fluid filling station

Windshield washer fluid filling station

The City is very proud to offer its residents this service. The self-serve windshield washer fluid filling station is available now in the parking lot at City Hall. Simply insert the nozzle directly into your car’s windshield washer fluid reservoir and fill it up.

Users are billed $1.14 a litre for the quantity of product dispensed. Payment can be made with a credit card directly at the station. All profits go directly to the municipality's green fund.

This installation offers many advantages:

First and foremost, this acquisition addresses an environmental problem. In fact, data from the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) indicates that in Québec, an estimated 22 plastic washer-fluid containers are used annually. Of this number, 85% go directly to the dump.

The installation and use of windshield washer filling stations helps reduce the use of plastic at the source, and consequently, greenhouse gas emissions. After one year of operation, the filling station, which is located in the City Hall parking lot, eliminated the use of 1,666 plastic containers!

Just like at the gas pump, you simply drive up, open your windshield washer reservoir, insert the nozzle directly into your fluid reservoir, and fill it up.

By paying by the millilitre, you buy only the amount of washer fluid you require, and you no longer have to lug around halfempty fluid containers!

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