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Urban agriculture

In the fall of 2016, the City of Saint-Lambert’s Environment Committee mandated students in the bachelor’s degree program in environmental studies at the Université de Sherbrooke to develop guidelines for urban agriculture. In March 2017, City Council officially adopted the City’s Politique d’agriculture urbaine and its 2017-2021 action plan.

Did you know that beekeeping is considered part of urban agriculture? Learn more about this practice and about the City’s own beekeeping initiative by visiting the Urban Beekeeping Project page on our website. 

Parc du Havre

A green vision

Saint-Lambert is known for its abundant urban forest and the pleasant living environment it creates. Our local vegetation consists mainly of trees and plants chosen for their esthetic appeal and environmental functions. In keeping with the current international movement to create local agri-food networks, the City of Saint-Lambert intends to pursue its greening and beautification activities. Its urban agriculture policy will help it do that.

Local food sourcing


Through its urban agriculture policy, the City of Saint-Lambert hopes to encourage citizens to source their food healthily and within city limits whenever possible. Creating a home garden, growing fine herbs or edible flowers in bins, or installing a green roof are just some of the actions suggested.

The City also intends to support the emergence of citizen initiatives, such as community gardens or vertical gardens in private, institutional or commercial spaces, to promote community involvement and social cohesion.

In other words, the City recognizes food production as an urban activity in its own right and hopes to firmly root this practice in our city dynamics.


Collective actions

Preserving the environment means preserving a collective treasure. The City of Saint-Lambert thus recognizes the importance of shared involvement by all those with a stake in our community. This means that residents, corporate citizens, and the City administration will all have to lend a hand.

The City of Saint-Lambert’s Politique d’agriculture urbaine was developed to reflect this key principle. To ensure that we live up to this principle, the policy will be rolled out gradually, with four main goals:

  • educating and raising awareness among the local population and equipping them to practice urban agriculture;
  • integrating urban agriculture into local land management practices;
  • promoting the emergence and sustainability of urban agriculture initiatives; and
  • reinforcing the social structure around urban agriculture projects

The action plan will be carried out between 2017 and 2021. Among other things, it includes creating new community gardening spaces and re-assessing certain municipal by-laws to promote project implementation. It also proposes offering urban agriculture workshops to make these practices more accessible to all and organizing events to stimulate community activities built around urban agriculture, such as planting or harvesting festivals.

You can consult

Logo PDF Politique d’agriculture urbaine de la Ville de Saint-Lambert (in French only)

Logo PDF Plan d’action 2017-2021 (in French only)

Logo PDF Revue de littérature sur l’agriculture urbaine (in French only)

Learn more

To learn more about urban agriculture, call the Info-Enviro line at 450-466-3199 or write to