Promotional support

As recognized organizations, the City of Saint-Lambert wants to help you make your activities and events better known in the community. To this end, we are making a number of promotional and advertising tools available to you.

Access to these tools is subject to certain conditions, such as compliance with deadlines delivery, content and technical specifications. You are responsible for production costs, delivery and transport. The city does not produce any material.

Would your organization like to take advantage of this service?
Get your organization recognized by the City of Saint-Lambert and enjoy numerous benefits! To become a recognized organization, you must complete the online recognition application and meet all the criteria.

Microsite Nos organismes en action

Initiated by the Ville de Saint-Lambert, this microsite is a space devoted exclusively to promoting the activities and public interest announcements of recognized organizations. As such, the Ville de Saint-Lambert is responsible for the proper functioning of the distribution platform, and you, the organizations, for the news published there.

If you're not yet familiar with this tool, you can find out more and consult the terms of use.

Ready to publish a news? Fill in the application form available directly on the microsite. Once you've submitted the form, please allow up to two working days for your ad to go online.

Post an announcement

Social media

The Ville de Saint-Lambert will automatically generate a post on its Facebook account from the news published on the organizations microsite. That's all there is to it!


A weekly newsletter of activities and events is generated automatically from the news published on the organizations' microsite. Invite your members to sign up now at

Your news will also appear in the municipal newsletter in the space provided. It is published every Friday.

Affichage numérique

The Ville de Saint-Lambert has digital panels throughout its territory and in certain buildings to promote municipal activities. In support of recognized organizations, you can post messages of public interest free of charge.

The location of these panels and terms of use are available on the Digital display panelspage.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Communications Division:

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