Environmentally responsible events

Environmentally responsible events

Would you like to organize an environmentally responsible event here in Saint-Lambert? Whether for a small meeting or a major event, the Ville de Saint-Lambert encourages you to adopt environmentally responsible practices.

Guide for an environmentally responsible event

The Ville de Saint-Lambert has developed a guide to help you out. It describes simple, effective ways to improve the environmental performance of your event. This guide is a tool designed to help you better plan, execute and evaluate your environmentally responsible efforts. It is meant to assist and inspire you so that you can organize your event with minimal impact on the environment.

Consult the guide (in French only)

What is an environmentally responsible event?

It is an event that integrates the principles of sustainable development at all stages of the organizing process. It reflects a long-term vision that takes into account both current needs and those of future generations.

Its aim is to reduce environmental impacts while maximizing the positive social and economic benefits.

How to use the guide

This guide is designed to help you choose your action priorities. It asks you to complete the various key sections and to check off (√) the actions you wish to take. It also asks you to record your results and evaluate your actions using the removable evaluation checklist.

The suggested measures are not listed in order of priority. You are free to determine the actions that will have the potentially greatest impact, depending on the nature of your event. The city’s Environment Division will be pleased to assist you in your process.

Some of the benefits

  • You reduce the environmental impacts by limiting overconsumption of resources, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and waste production.
  • You contribute actively to improving the living environment and quality of life of current and future generations.
  • You save time and money.
  • You support the local economy.
  • You set an example and help promote a green culture.

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