Potable water by-laws

The Ville de Saint-Lambert regulates all the most common uses of potable water for the purpose of conserving this precious resource in terms of both quantity and quality

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We remind you that drinking water air conditioning equipment has been prohibited in Saint-Lambert since April 24, 2018 under article 11 of by-law number 2013-104 and that its possession is liable to penalties. If you have one, you must also notify us, plan to replace the drinking water air conditioning system with an air-operated system or, at the very least, turn off the air conditioning equipment. Owners contacted by the City must complete the form provided for all types of air conditioning and return it to the environment department in order to regularize their situation.

For any questions, please contact the Environment Division at 450-672-4444 or at eau@saint-lambert.ca .

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Since 2013, the installation of any air-conditioning or refrigeration systems that use potable water has been prohibited in Saint-Lambert.

From now on, any such system installed before this by-law came into force must be either replaced by one that does not use potable water or taken out.

Water tower

A water tower may be used, provided that it is the only equipment that can, technically speaking, transfer the heat generated by a water-based process into the atmosphere and that the maximum volume of potable water used does not exceed 6.4 litres per hour per rated kilowatt of refrigeration or air-conditioning output.

Hosing down parking areas, sidewalks, driveways, and all public roads with potable water is forbidden at all times.

The complete filling of a swimming pool is authorized once a year. Topping up a pool to maintain the water level is permitted at any time. The daily filling of wading or paddling pools with a maximum capacity of 300 litres is permitted at any time.

In Saint-Lambert, potable water consumption by factories, businesses, and institutions is metered. Each building in these categories is required to have a water meter. The water meters are provided and installed by the City. For more information, contact the Environment Management division at 450 466-3199.

In the residential sector, at the request of the MAMH, the Ville de Saint-Lambert is required to collect statistical data on residential drinking water consumption. To comply with this directive, the Ville de Saint-Lambert must install water meters in a sampling of residences representative of the territory to obtain a true picture of water consumption within the municipality.

To find out more about these measures, consult the Water meters section

Règlement numéro 2013-104 sur l'usage de l'eau potable (in French)

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