Our built heritage

Our city boasts a rich built heritage encompassing distinctive architectural styles that reflect our history and cultural evolution over the years. The Ville de Saint-Lambert has drawn up an inventory of this built heritage to raise awareness and to showcase and preserve it.

Containing important information on the various types of architecture found in our city, this inventory helps guide the municipal team in assessing permit applications and enables you to carry out restoration work on your property, but also promotes and showcases this rich heritage.

In 2016, the Ville de Saint-Lambert adopted its Cultural Policy. One of the issues it identified was that of improving knowledge of our local heritage by, among other things, drawing up an inventory of the old and modern built heritage, including its morphological characteristics.

In 2018, this colossal task began, in part, thanks to a cultural development agreement signed with Quebec’s Ministère de la Culture et des Communications. Saint-Lambert also sought support for its project from two sources: the firm Patri-Arch, to assist in preparing the technical inventory, and from the Mouillepied Historical Society, to complete the project by providing historical references specific to our city.

The built heritage inventory was completed after more than two years of research and is now available for consultation by the entire population.

In addition to providing an overview of the value and status of Saint-Lambert’s built heritage, one of the main aims of this project was to facilitate management of the city’s heritage resources, particularly in terms of planning, preservation and showcasing. The inventory also enriched objective knowledge of the buildings in Saint-Lambert’s built heritage by documenting and assessing their architectural and historical features.

Some buildings of particular interest from a heritage standpoint or representative of certain building types present in our municipality were documented in greater detail to allow for a variety of uses, in particular, for promoting them as interpretative tours for the general public.

Different types of houses characteristic of Saint-Lambert

Reference tools

The built heritage inventory includes primarily the three following reference tools:

The 10 most common and distinctive types of residential buildings present in Saint-Lambert were documented in terms of their specific charactertistics. Examples will help you to identify them on your walks and better appreciate their particular style.

They will also support property owners in their future renovations by helping them preserve and showcase the distinctive features of their homes. The different types are as follows (in French):

Of our built heritage, the so-called King-style homes, named after the entrepreneur Francis King, are distinctive to Saint-Lambert. A study was therefore conducted to document the origin of this style of home. Learn more about this entrepreneur, his inspiration and his achievements that are characteristic of Saint-Lambert!

The inventory also provides an overview of 250 significant residential and institutional buildings on our territory. Each building portrait enables to you identify the architectural type associated with it, as well as relevant details such as the year it was built. Fifty of these building portraits also detail their historical context.

All of these information sheets were submitted to the Quebec government to make them as accessible as possible to the general public. They are therefore available free of charge in the Répertoire du patrimoine culturel du Québec. Visit it now to discover these beautiful buildings.

To consult the information sheets specific to Saint-Lambert, simply enter “Saint-Lambert” in the search box.


This project was coordinated by the Arts and Culture Management in collaboration with the Urban Planning, Permits and Inspection Department. For more information, contact the Arts and Culture Management at 450-672-4444 or at culture@saint-lambert.ca.

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