Paying tribute to volunteers

Community life is rich and dynamic in Saint-Lambert, in part due to the commitment and dedication of its many volunteers. By giving generously of their time and energy to help children, seniors, and municipal organizations, they contribute greatly to the quality of our living environment and to the range of community services offered.

For this reason, the Ville de Saint-Lambert holds an annual event where it pays public tribute to its volunteers and thanks them for their essential involvement in our community.

Volunteers tribute evening 2023

On October 21, Mayor Pascale Mongrain welcomed the volunteers of Saint-Lambert to an evening organized in their honour.

“Our city would not be the same without its volunteers. Their involvement and dedication often go unnoticed. Yet they are an indispensable link in the vitality of our community. By devoting part of their precious time, they contribute to the quality of life of our fellow citizens, and for that, we can never thank them enough. It is therefore essential that we hold this tribute evening, precisely to take the time to thank them and to show them our full appreciation for everything they do."
- Mayor Pascale Mongrain

Then, she unveiled the 2023 Volunteers of the Year, whose exceptional dedication over the past year deserves special mention.

Soirée hommage 2023

Involved with the league since its foundation in 1995, Guy Filion has made a major contribution to its success and is one of its key builders. Among his many commitments, he held the title of captain from 2008 to 2013 and vice-president since 2009. He also contributed in setting up and developing Les Crooners, a division of the league that enables older players to continue playing their favourite sport between them.

A board member since 2010, Pierre Hogue joined the board in 2015 and served as vice-president, president and past president until his retirement from the board in 2021. Throughout, he has been and continues to be a very active volunteer, always available to answer questions, help with special events and get involved in many projects and causes.

Sylvie Provost is deeply involved with the Foundation, playing a key role in the planning and organization of events to mark the organization's 25th anniversary. She was responsible for this project, while continuing her role as secretary and planning other Foundation activities.

Dedicated and generous, Elizabeth Bourdon has served as secretary of the Saint-Lambert Choral Society since 2017. Her exemplary thoroughness, wise counsel and great availability make her an exceptional volunteer. Her remarkable contribution to the development and outreach of the Choral Society deserves to be recognized.

A special education teacher by profession, Diane Tessier is at the heart of the association's mission to support the academic perseverance and educational success of women from all walks of life. Her dedication and volunteer commitment to this cause deserve to be recognized.

Denis Beauchemin distinguished himself as a volunteer, particularly during the 2022-2023 season, by organizing a provincial U21 tournament. While assuming his roles as Match Director and head of the club's junior program, he was able to put together a major five-day tournament. His leadership, impeccable logistics and the team of volunteers he put together made the event a success.

A very active member of the club, Carol-Ann Oldbury is always ready to lend a hand with whatever tasks are required to ensure the smooth running of activities. Reliable, organized and discreet, she doesn't hesitate to pass on her knowledge to new members who are new to volunteering. She is also involved in organizing the morning play sessions and acts as an instructor for the lawn bowling initiation program offered to families, organizations and businesses.

An outstanding volunteer, Denyse Lemay is highly organized and meticulous in the completion of the various projects for which she is responsible. Among other projects, she was responsible for the commemorative exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of the Taylor's store, the processing of the archives of the Saint-Lambert branch of the Canadian Legion, and the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the erection of the cenotaph in Mercille Park.

Alex Hudon, Phililppe Colangelo and Peter Sims acted rapidly and heroically on August 25 to help an association member suffering from cardiac arrest. After initiating cardiopulmonary resuscitation through cardiac massage, they took the automatic external defibrillator to complete resuscitation, saving the player's life.

Mayor Mongrain is now inviting all Lambertans to give a few hours of their time to actively participate in improving the quality of life of their fellow citizens.

Municipal Volunteers

Many volunteers participate actively on the City’s various committees. They give both their time and energy, thus contributing their expertise to various projects aimed at improving the quality of life of their fellow citizens. Visit the Committees page to learn more.

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