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Lambertois Merit Awards

The Lambertois Merit Awards celebrate and publicly acknowledge individuals whose actions evoke a sense of pride that reflects on our community as a whole. 

Several types of Lambertois Merit Awards pay tribute to the involvement and talent of a broad mix of outstanding individuals or organizations:

  • Lambertois: Awarded to an individual or organization that has either completed recently a project or received recently a tribute, distinction, or award, at the provincial, national, or international level, in one of the following categories: Professional Life, Humanitarian Commitment, Sports, Culture, and Community Involvement.
  • Lambertois in Heart and Deed: Awarded to a local individual or organization that has undertaken a specific project or action that has contributed to the improvement of quality of life in our community or served as an inspiration or model for fellow residents.
  • Grand Lambertois: Awarded to an individual or organization for a body of work, an “exceptional” action, or professional involvement beyond the scope of career-related responsibilities. The acclaim garnered by the action should serve as an inspiration or model for residents while bringing a sense of pride to our city. 

To receive a Lambertois Award, an individual or organization must meet at least one of the following conditions: be a resident of Saint-Lambert, have been born in Saint-Lambert, do business in Saint-Lambert, be a volunteer in Saint-Lambert, be a member or employee of a Saint-Lambert organization, be an organization or association that is active in Saint-Lambert. 

Selection committee

The selection committee is responsible for evaluating the nominations submitted against a set of pre-defined criteria and for naming the award winners. The committee is made up of residents Hubert Brault, François Vary and Monette St-Jacques, who are joined by Nadia Beauregard, coordinator of Community Services and Elders, and Catherine Langevin, Head of Communications Management Division.

2017 Lambertois

Take note
No Lambertois Merit Award has been awarded in 2018. If you know of an individual or organization that deserves a Lambertois Award in 2019, we invite you to nominate them. Simply complete the nomination form at the bottom of the page.

Upon their nomination, the selected candidates will be annouced on this site.

Jacques SénéchalJacques Sénéchal
Lambertois in Heart and Deed 

An elementary school teacher when he retired, Jacques Sénéchal has been an active member of the organizing committee of the Foire d’art contemporain de Saint-Lambert since its beginnings. His mission is to perform cultural mediation (building bridges) between artists and the public, mostly in schools, where he spent his professional career.

To raise children’s awareness of contemporary art and later acquire a sense of art appreciation in general, he encourages young students in grades 5 and 6 to choose a favourite artwork during an artwork treasure hunt. This requires them to use their observation skills and exercise a critical eye. Once back in the classroom, Mr. Sénéchal holds a discussion and invites the children to write a poem in free verse about their favourite artwork. This completes the circle: literature and visual arts find their way into the children’s lives, broadening their means of expression for the future. 

With this Lambertois Merit Award, the City of Saint-Lambert underscores Mr. Sénéchal’s altruistic commitment to introducing young people to the world of contemporary art, and to enriching their cultural education to help them become future observers of the world of art. 

Karine TrudelKarine Trudel
Lambertois in Heart and Deed 

Karine Trudel is being honoured with a Lambertois Merit Award to highlight her creation and daily administration of “Le Babillard de Saint-Lambert” Facebook group. In May 2014, Ms. Trudel created “Le Babillard de Saint-Lambert” to promote closer relations among neighbours and foster mutual assistance within the community. In fewer than four years, the Babillard has become an essential for residents, who use it to exchange goods, recommend services, and lend, give and sell what-have-you.

To date, more than 13% of Saint-Lambert’s population (all ages combined) belongs to this digital community! It’s no wonder that the Babillard has forged friendships, helped locate lost items and returned stray pets to their owners. For many members, posting a question or asking for help on the Babillard has become an automatic reflex. 

With this Lambertois Merit Award, the City of Saint-Lambert casts the spotlight on this inspiring example of a volunteer citizen initiative that contributes to the vitality of our community while also meeting a need. 

IsaacYung Zung ZiaIsaac Yung Zung Zia
Grand Lambertois 

This Grand Lambertois award is presented in honour of Isaac Yung Zung Zia, a former resident of Saint-Lambert and loyal library patron. The library renovations and major improvements to the library’s services in 2017 were made possible thanks to an exceptional bequest of more than 1 million dollars by Mr. Zia to the Friends of the Saint-Lambert Library Foundation, together with a financial contribution from the City of Saint-Lambert.

The Grand Lambertois award is bestowed on an individual or organization for a body of work, an “exceptional” action, or professional involvement beyond the scope of career-related responsibilities. Mr. Zia’s belief in his neighbourhood library as a cultural hub for the community was truly exceptional. Thank you, Mr. Zia.


Would you like to nominate someone?

If you know of an individual or organization that deserves a Lambertois Award, we invite you to nominate them. Simply complete the following nomination form.

The deadline for applications is September 1. Applications received after this date will be retained and considered for the next year's edition.

We may contact the person who submitted the nomination if additional information is needed to evaluate the candidate’s eligibility.
In the case of a Lambertois award, please identify the category in which you present the candidate.
Please describe why you are submitting this candidate. List their main achievements, work, actions, etc. The more complete the information you provide, the easier will be the task of evaluating the candidate, and the more likely it is that the candidate will obtain the recognition they deserve.
You may attach any documents you feel might be pertinent, which would help us assess the file (press clippings, letters, etc.).