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Welcome to Saint-Lambert

Welcome to Saint-Lambert! We are so pleased that you have chosen our city as your new home. To help you settle in, we have put together a wealth of information on this page to help you learn more about life in your new municipality. Known for the historic charm of its neighbourhoods, its abundant nature and its dynamic community life, Saint-Lambert offers you a peaceful and pleasant place to call home. This page provides an overview of your new city.

As you browse through our website, you’ll also find information on all our municipal services. To help you organize your day-to-day, we invite you to refer to the waste collection calendar. You can also consult the Online services section to find out about the resident’s card, which you will need to register for recreational activities, among other things. And if you need information on transfer duties or your tax account, you’ll also find this information on our website.

Idées d'activités

Lots of fun things to do

The Ville de Saint-Lambert is second to none when it comes to activity offerings. It boasts a wide range of activities and cultural, sports and community events, all of which create a rich living environment.

Culture vultures are spoiled for choice thanks to the vast program of shows, activities, conferences and more offered every season at the library and the multi-purpose centre as well as outdoors! Consult the Events section to find out about all the upcoming activities.

You can also get your dose of culture at our completely renovated library, which boasts an extensive collection of documents and online resources along with a host of services. For more information on all the library’s services, consult the online catalogue at

Discover the city’s artistic and heritage attractions on the 100% culture Saint-Lambert microsite. Among other things of interest you’ll find there, check out the works in our renowned Open Air Museum. Visit before your next stroll through the city’s streets.

As for sports and recreational activities, we offer four activity programs per year (winter, spring, summer and fall) at the recreation centre, pool and arena. The activities for each session are presented in the Loisirs à la carte program, which is posted in the Publications section.

If you like to be active outdoors, the City offers excellent facilities for both summer and winter activities, including a vast cycling network, numerous parks and sports fields (tennis, soccer, pickleball, basketball, baseball, etc.), outdoor swimming and wading pools, an athletics track, outdoor skating rinks, an indoor arena, and much more! Consult the map to see all the facilities.

Community life is a high priority in Saint-Lambert, as confirmed by a number of events. Among others, these events include the Fête des voisins, which take place every year on the first Saturday of June, or the community-wide garage sales, which take place on the second weekend of June. Garage sales are a great way to find bargains, give your items a second life, and chat with neighbours.

And lastly, discover the activities and services offered by the many sports, cultural, and community organizations in Saint-Lambert on the Our organizations in action microsite. Find out more at

A number of must-attend events are offered throughout the year. In February, the traditional Winter Fun festival gives families the chance to enjoy seasonal events during an invigorating outdoor activity day. Then in May, Saint-Lambert’s Family Day features a special day filled with activities and entertainment for the whole family.

And of course, every year there’s the highly popular flagship event: Saint-Lambert Days. Toward the end of August, right before school resumes, this event brings you three days of festivities with a giant sidewalk sale, shows, concerts, activities and much more.

Halloween and the Christmas holidays also provide opportunities for friendly celebrations at special theme-based activities offered in our downtown core.

All details on these activities are posted in the Events section before the event dates.

Keeping informed

The City has several means of communicating with its citizens and keeping them informed abut a host of topics involving municipal life.

The newsletter is sent by email once a week. It provides the latest city news, and information on current affairs and upcoming events.

The Ville de Saint-Lambert is present on several social media platforms:

The bciti portal is a unique, transactional and interactive smart portal that gives you one-stop online access to information on a wide range of current services.

By registering, you can create your own digital resident’s card, take out memberships (swimming pool, tennis courts, library), receive email, text or mobile alerts on selected topics, as well as make requests.

The bciti mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store or via Google Play. To learn more, visit the Online services section of the City’s website.

The municipal magazine Vivre Saint-Lambert is published four times a year and is distributed to every Saint-Lambert household. Along with a few reminders to help simplify your day-to-day planning and a calendar of upcoming events, the magazine informs you about recent municipal achievements and news. The digital version is available for consultation in the Publications section.

This section also provides information on the various policies that shape our city.

The City of Saint-Lambert has put in place an automated messaging system. In the event of an alert or other emergency situation, the freeity can record a personalized message and send it out quickly to large numbers of people by telephone or text message.

To subscribe to the system, simply log on to the B-CITI citizen portal and create an account. Then go to the "Notifications" tab under the "My Profile" menu.

Getting around

The Ville de Saint-Lambert encourages sustainable mobility and active transport, whether on foot, bike, or public transit.

There is a network of bike paths for cycling and inline skating. A bike path runs through Seaway Park, linking the cities of Brossard and Longueuil.

Across from Rivermere Avenue, on Riverside Drive, an overpass provides access to Parc Jean-Drapeau every day from April 15 to November 15 (dates subject to change depending on the weather), between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

The Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) provides bus service throughout the agglomeration. A network of bus routes runs through the territory, linking several terminals. To plan your bus travel, visit the RTL website.

The Ville de Saint-Lambert offers the Accès 65 Hors Pointe transit pass to low-income seniors aged 65 and over free of charge so that they can stay active without having to worry about the cost. -

Commuter train
The suburban commuter train stops in our town. This service allows you to travel with ease to Montreal’s Central Station each morning and return to Saint-Lambert in the evening, in approximately 15 minutes. Information:

Getting involved

Saint-Lambert’s dynamic community life contributes directly to the well-being of the population. Many volunteer organizations complement the work of public and government organizations in the areas of recreation, culture, and social assistance.

Learn about the officially recognized organizations


Saint-Lambert has more than 500 commercial or professional-service establishments on its territory.

Its main commercial core is its downtown area, located around Victoria Avenue and only a stone’s throw away from the St. Lawrence River. With its unique and personalized charm, the downtown area offers a shopping experience like no other on the South Shore. It also features more than 25 cosmopolitan restaurants, as well as art galleries and distinctive high-end shops.

A quality living environment

Saint-Lambert places high priority on the quality of its living environment. A number of municipal by-laws help ensure that this quality is maintained. A few of these are presented below.

Sound nuisances are the cause of many conflicts between neighbours. Maintaining a peaceful atmosphere is everyone’s responsibility and a matter of respect.

Thus, under Saint-Lambert’s by-law on nuisances, it is forbidden to do any construction work outdoors and indoors (when noisy), to use a leaf blower or to mow your lawn with a motorized lawn mower on Sundays and between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. every day.

To preserve this increasingly precious resource, watering lawns and gardens is strictly controlled:

  • Movable systems (perforated hoses or oscillating sprinklers): permitted from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Wednesdays for even-numbered addresses and on Tuesdays for odd-numbered addresses
  • Automatic systems (sprinklers): permitted from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. on Wednesdays for even-numbered addresses, and on Tuesdays for odd-numbered addresses
  • Manual watering is permitted at all times.

Only low-impact pesticides are permitted under our municipal by-laws, but only for cases of infestation. These pesticides come from natural sources. They are recognized as being less harmful because they are less persistent in the environment, target harmful organisms directly and are less toxic.

Tree cutting
It is forbidden to cut down a tree measuring more than 10 cm (4 in.) in diameter on private property without a permit. Tree topping is prohibited at all times.

Vehicle engine idling
It is forbidden to let your vehicle’s engine idle for more than three minutes per hour when you are at a standstill. This by-law was created to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect our air quality.

Speed limits
In Saint-Lambert, the speed limit is 30 km/h, except on the following streets, where it is 50 km/h:

  • Victoria Avenue
  • Riverside Street
  • Simard Boulevard
  • Tiffin Road
  • Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier Boulevard

In school zones around elementary schools, the speed limit has been reduced to 20 km/h from Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Temporary carports
It is strictly forbidden to install temporary carports or any other canvas-covered snow shelters, such as a shelter for smokers, in Saint-Lambert.

Storing garbage bins
Whenever possible, garbage bins should not be visible from the street. Plant screens or other means should be used to conceal them.

A Council with open ears

The City Council of the Ville de Saint-Lambert includes a mayor and eight councillors, one for each electoral district. Your Council members are there to listen to you and represent your interests. If you are concerned about a specific issue, you can discuss it with your district councillor. City Council holds meetings open to the public once a month where you can also make comments or ask questions. To learn more, visit the City Council page.

Other local services

  • Directory of contacts
    Consult the Directory to find out the location of the different services, their roles and responsibilities, their contact information and their opening hours.
  • Permit applications
    Planning on doing some renovations? Want to cut down a tree? Find out about the permits required.
  • Info-Snow removal
    Overnight parking is permitted on city streets from December 1 to March 31, unless a snow removal alert is in effect. By signing up to receive alerts, you’ll know when a snow removal alert has been issued.
  • Pet licences
    Dog and cat licences are mandatory and must be worn by your pet at all times. If your dog has a valid licence, you can obtain an access card for the two dog runs.


Do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 450 672-4444 or at We will be happy to help you!

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