Authorization and certificates

More than 500 retailers, service companies and professionals are located in downtown Saint-Lambert. This exceptional destination offers a unique dining and shopping experience.

The City of Saint-Lambert regulates certain commercial activities on its territory. Whether you already have a business or would you like to open a company in Saint-Lambert, you can contact the Urban Planning, Permits and Inspection Department at 450 672-4444 or at for more information on this subject,

Do you think you have finally found the commercial space that suits you? Before signing your lease, first check whether the zoning of this sector corresponds to the commercial operation you wish to establish there. You can consult the zoning map on the Territorial Development page or contact the Urban Planning, Permits and Inspection Department.

You need a certificate of authorization for the following commercial activities:

  • construction, installation, replacement, or alteration of a public notice, sign, or billboard
  • installation of a temporary building for commercial or industrial purposes
  • installation of a café-terrace.

Please refer to the Territorial development page to know all the provisions of the urban planning by-laws in force on the territory of the Ville de Saint-Lambert.

In Saint-Lambert, all businesses must possess a certificate of occupancy, regardless of whether or not they operate out of a storefront. Therefore, whether you have a home-based business or a shop in the centre of town, you must be registered with the municipality and comply with all applicable regulations. To obtain a certificate of occupancy, simply fill out the form below and bring it into the Urban Planning, Permits and Inspection Department.

Home-based businesses

In addition to a certificate of occupancy for a place of business, home-based businesses are governed by section 10.3 of the zoning by-law. This by-law sets out the standards and conditions to be respected for this specific use. The City defines a home-based business as a professional, artistic, craft or service activity carried out within a home by its occupant.

Door-to-door sales and any other form of solicitation are regulated on Saint-Lambert territory. Anyone wishing to engage in these types of activities must obtain prior written permission from the City.

Near the downtown core, there are designated sticker parking areas for businesses. For details on how to purchase a commercial sticker (sector C) for yourself or for one of your employees, visit the Streets and parking page.

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