Public consultations

Citizen participation is one of the top priorities of the Ville de Saint-Lambert and its elected officers. Open to all, public consultations give you the opportunity to become better informed, express your concerns, state your viewpoint and offer comments on the issues, proposals or projects being planned.

They allow you to take active part in your community’s development and well-being. After all, no one knows your needs better than you!

Public consultation promotes a positive dialogue and an exchange of ideas among the various interested parties, while giving you the chance to express your opinions on issues that affect you. Your participation provides input for City Council’s deliberations, helps improve the planned projects and allows changes to be made to them whenever possible.

The aim is to ensure the transparency of the process in order to develop projects that will be endorsed by the community and meet its needs.

Certain consultations are compulsory under the Cities and Towns Act, regarding issues such as zoning changes or minor exemptions from a municipal by-law. These consultations are announced in public notices and are held in accordance with a strict procedure.

In addition to these mandatory consultations, the City’s elected officers may want to find out your opinions on public policies, or when planning projects such as the repair or rehabilitation of a park or street or when major land-use development issues are involved.

Different public consultation mechanisms are in place. They vary depending on the subject involved, the complexity of the issue or the goal sought.

  • Facilitated public forums
  • Focus groups
  • Theme-based workshops
  • Surveys
  • Filing of briefs
  • Etc.

The consultation mechanisms chosen for each project will be specified on the corresponding web page, and you will be asked to give your opinion on the project. Each project-related web page will also include (as the case may be) an explanation of the project and issues involved, FAQs, supporting documents and the steps in the process.

The Ville de Saint-Lambert holds public consultations all year-round. This page describes all the municipal projects that are the subject of consultations and about which we would like to hear your opinions.

Thank you in advance for participating!

Ongoing consultation

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