Grants and memorial gifts

The Ville de Saint-Lambert is proud to support local organizations that are not recognized under its Organization recognition and support policy and individual citizens who have demonstrated excellence. It would also like to allow anyone interested in enhancing our municipality to make memorial gifts in tribute to personally important people or events.

Taking into account its human, financial and physical resources, the City will do everything within its power to create a harmonious, dynamic environment that enriches cultural, artistic, and community life and sports whose aim is help the community thrive. It will do so by partnering with organizations and citizens.

The City has therefore created its Organization grants, support for excellence, and memorial gifts policy.

Why this policy?

The Ville de Saint-Lambert wants to support other organizations that do not meet all the criteria in the Organization Recognition policy, but that have particular attributes. It sees these organizations as contributing to the well-being of the community.

Specific agreements can then be drawn up and grants awarded on a case-by-case basis while staying within the budget allocated for grants for the current year.

The City would like to support a municipal memorial gift program. The program applies to the installation of a bench or the planting of a tree in one of Saint-Lambert’s parks or green spaces, along with a plaque indicating the subject of the commemoration.

The gift may serve as a reminder of an important occasion such as an anniversary, the birth of a child, a special event, or the death of a loved one.

Are you interested in any of these programs?

The policy details how grants and memorial gifts from the municipality work. You’ll also find the application forms in it.

The completed form must be sent to or sent to the recreation centre, located at 600 Oak Avenue.
Consult the policy (in French only)

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