Recognition of organizations

The Ville de Saint-Lambert recognizes the importance of community, sports and cultural organizations, as well as that of volunteering, in the enhancement of services to residents. It therefore considers it essential to lend its support to these community-based and -managed activities.

Organization Recognition and Support Policy

Through its Organization Recognition and Support Policy, Saint-Lambert is able to:

  1. offer services to organizations by ensuring effective, efficient and equitable management of the human, physical and financial resources available;
  2. encourage organizations to manage their own activities or events as a means of developing their autonomy;
  3. ensure an overall service offer that is consistent with the municipal mission and complements the other services offered;
  4. ensure consistency with other municipal policies (family, cultural, sustainable development durable, etc.);
  5. promote accessibility to services for children, seniors and families.

The City further undertakes to recognize only one organization for each type of activity, unless an agreement is already in place with a recognized organization.

Organization Recognition and Support Policy (in French)

Application for recognition

Organizations wishing to obtain City recognition must submit an official application to the municipal office concerned, using the form designed for this purpose.

Recognition is granted for one calendar year, from January 1 to December 31. The recognition will be renewed each year on condition that the organization has provided the documents requested and that it has adhered to the rules and regulations stipulated in the memorandum of understanding.

In both cases, simply complete the form below and attach the required documents to it.

Is your organization legally constituted?

Do you have insurance?
Are you a member of a federation or subject to the rules of a federation?

Activity sector(s)
Age of participants
I hereby certify that the above information is true and accurate and that it reflects our organization’s current situation.

Additional information

This document outlines the main points of the Ville de Saint-Lambert’s Organization Recognition and Support Policy. For details on the various criteria, obligations, and support offered, please refer to the official policy.

For additional information, feel free to contact either of the following, depending on your area of activity:

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