Digital display panels

The City of Saint-Lambert has digital display panels on its territory and in some buildings. These panels are used to publicize municipal activities.

However, in an effort to support recognized organizations, the City allows them to display messages of public interest on these digital panels, free of charge.

Location of the panel

The outdoor panels available for use are found at the following locations:

  1. On Simard Boulevard, near Highway 132
  2. At the intersection of Riverside Street and Notre-Dame Avenue
  3. At the intersection of Saint-Charles and Saint-Georges streets

The indoor panels available for use are found at the following locations:

  1. Relaxation area near the arena end of the recreation centre
  2. Relaxation area near the canteen in the recreation centre
  3. On the first floor of the library
  4. In the Teen Space at the library
  5. In the Children’s Space at the library

Terms of use

For a message to be displayed, recognized organizations must fill out a request form (at the botton of this page) and comply with certain conditions, such as the submission deadlines and the technical specifications. The following conditions apply:

  • Message display requests must be received at least ten (10) working days before the desired display date.
  • Request forms must be complete for them to be considered. Requests will be prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The requesting organizations must designate a person to be responsible for any necessary follow-up.
  • A request form must be submitted. No requests will be accepted by phone.

When the City receives a request, it will email an acknowledgement of receipt to the requestor. In the case of a refusal, unavailability of space or an incomplete request, a member of the team at the Communications Management Division will contact the requestor as soon as possible.

The following conditions apply:

  • To ensure fairness among the requesting organizations, a maximum of four messages may be displayed per organization per year. However, the Communications Management Division reserves the right to increase this number if availability allows.
  • To ensure efficiency, a total of no more than four messages from organizations may be posted per display period. Message priority will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. However, the Communications Management Division reserves the right to increase this number if availability allows.
  • A message may be displayed for 14 consecutive days. The display periods are determined according to a calendar pre-established by the City of Saint-Lambert. For events that finish before the end of the display period, exceptions may apply (upon request).
  • Requests must comply with the conditions specified in this document or they will be refused.

In all cases, the City of Saint-Lambert reserves the right to request changes to a message, to refuse a message, to change the display period or to postpone it to a later date if deemed necessary.

The City of Saint-Lambert may also interrupt the display of messages without prior notice if an emergency situation occurs on its territory.

The following conditions apply to the content:

  • Messages may be posted in French only (in keeping with the City’s obligation in this regard).
  • Messages must be addressed to all Lambertans, not simply members of the organization.
  • Welcoming messages may be posted for conferences and events of an exceptional nature.
  • To ensure visibility, the content must be limited to essential information (title, date, location, brief statement) and written in simple, reader-friendly language.
  • Messages must include the organization’s name or logo to make it clear that they do not come from the City.

The following types of content will be automatically excluded:

  • for-profit messages (sales, advertising, etc.);
  • political, partisan, religious or commercial messages:
  • mention of a private company, unless it is a sponsor of the event; and
  • messages promoting an event taking place outside Saint-Lambert, unless prior authorization has been given by the City.

The following conditions apply to images:

  • Images, photos and logos may be used if they have sufficiently high resolution.
  • To ensure visibility and safety, white backgrounds are not accepted. Messages may be displayed on a coloured background or an image.

Image files must be provided in JPEG or PNG format in the following sizes:

  • Indoor display: 1920 x 1080 pixels at 72 dpi (horizontal)
  • Outdoor display: 336 x 420 pixels at 72 dpi (vertical)

The City of Saint-Lambert is not responsible for the quality of the display and will not make any modifications to files after they have been received.

However, a flexible model can be provided on request to assist organizations and ensure the effective layout of their information.

Responsibilities of requestors

To continue to benefit from this service, requesting organizations must agree to the following conditions:

  • The requestor is wholly responsible for the message disseminated on the digital display panels, and must ensure that the request complies with the conditions described herein.
  • The City of Saint-Lambert disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of the message or cannot be held responsible for any errors in or the quality of the display.
  • If an event is fully booked or cancelled, the requestor must notify the Communications Management Division as soon as possible. The message can then be removed from the display sequence or modified accordingly.

Digital Display Request

Only requests from organizations recognized by the Organization Recognition and Support Policy and which comply with the above rules will be accepted.

For the sake of visibility and safety, no white backgrounds will be accepted.


The Communications Management Division is responsible for managing the digital display panels. Recognized organizations must address any questions to this division.

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