Green waste

There are twelve collections per sector from spring to fall. Collection alternates between each sector.

Consult the collection dates


The bins must be placed at the curb between 7 p.m. the day before and 6:30 a.m. the morning of collection. If you use bins, they must be removed the day after collection.

Green waste consists mainly of grass clippings, dead leaves, hedge trimmings, plant and flower waste, etc.

Green waste for collection must be placed on edge of the sidewalk in approved containers:

  • a regular garbage bin, equipped with handles and an airtight lid and having a maximum capacity of 100 litres;
  • a biodegradable disposable paper bag, with a maximum capacity of 150 litres;
  • a grey, black or green wheeled bin with European grip equipped with lid, maximum capacity of 360 litres.

Maximum weight is limited to 25 kg. Rigid containers must be clearly identified to distinguish them from waste. We remind you that you must use paper bags for these collections, plastic bags are prohibited.

Contenants acceptés pour la collecte de résidus verts


Branches are now accepted in the green waste collection. Occasionally, when certain weather conditions (wind, snowstorms, etc.) cause many branches to fall, the city may organize a special collection for the entire territory. In the latter case, the date of the collection is announced in advance through the city's various communication channels.

Whether during the regular collection of green waste or during a special collection, the following conditions must be met for branches to be collected.

Regular green waste collection Special branches collection
Branches must be less than 2 inches in diameter. Branches must be 6 inches in diameter or less*.
Branches may not be longer that 40 inches. Branches may not be longer that 8 feet.
Branches must be tied in bundles of not more than 15 inches in diameter. Branches should not be tied in bundles. Branches should be aligned along the sidewalk, with cut sections facing the street.
The maximum volume of branches authorized must respect the following dimensions: 8 feet wide x 4 feet high.

* Branches over 6 inches in diameter must be cut to a maximum length of 2 feet to make logs. Logs will be collected at the special collection only if a request is made in advance to

Christmas trees

One Christmas trees pickup take place in January.

Please remove all decorations before placing your trees outside for pick-up. Also be sure NOT to wrap your tree in a plastic bag, or it will not be picked up.


Experts recommend to leave grass clippings on the lawn. They keep your lawn from drying out and provide it with nutrients. Lawn mower blades help to facilitate cycling.

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