Glass collection point

A pilot glass collection point project was implemented in May 2019 in our municipality. Residents can now bring their glass bottles and jars of every shape and colour to a container specifically dedicated to glass recycling, located at in the Saint-Denis Park parking lot on Fort Avenue.

Glass that is brought to this collection point will be sent directly to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu to be processed and melted on site then made into a new glass product.

If the glass collection bin is not in its usual place, fear not! It just means that our supplier has removed it in order to empty it. Please come back later. Thank you for your understanding!

What goes in the container?

We count on you to respect what materials may and may not be deposited in the container, as the wrong materials could hamper the project.

Glass bottles, jars and jars of all colors and shapes.

Remember to remove the lids.

  • Caps and lids
  • Crockery and porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Flower pots
  • Light bulbs, mirrors and windows

Why a glass collection point?

Recycling glass this way allows residents who so desire to sort their glass at the source, which will make it possible to achieve a more optimal recovery of this material.

Glass is infinitely recyclable, and by separating it from other recyclable materials before it arrives at the sorting centre, the risk of contamination is reduced, making it easier to reuse it to manufacture other glass products.

We remind you that bottles, jars and glass containers can always be placed in the recycling bin to be picked up during the regular collection.

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