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Alphabétisation IOTA

Alpha Iota is a non-profit organization working in the field of popular literacy. Their environment offers a place where everyone feels unconditionally accepted. It's a place where learning takes place in good spirits, each at his or her own pace and, above all, according to the personal and group needs established by the learners. Mutual respect makes everyone feel valued and appreciated!

Their mission is to promote literacy and basic numeracy, with a view to fostering autonomy and social integration.


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Opening hours

Monday :
 8 h 30 à 16 h 30
Tuesday :
 8 h 30 à 16 h 30
Wednesday :
 8 h 30 à 16 h 30
Thursday :
 8 h 30 à 16 h 30
Friday :
Saturday :
Sunday :
450 466-0076

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