Free street play

Whether it's a family game of street field hockey or basketball, a scooter ride or a game of hopscotch with friends, street games are permitted on the streets of Saint-Lambert.

Although this practice was already in existence and tolerated, By-law 2024-232 concerning traffic, parking and public safety, adopted in May 2024, now authorizes and regulates street play throughout the territory, with the exception of specifically designated streets.

The aim of this measure is to make our streets a safe environment where multiple uses can easily coexist and where children can have fun in complete safety.

For a more inclusive environment

In addition to promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits, using streets and urban spaces in a positive way creates a more inclusive environment by strengthening the sense of belonging and social cohesion that prevails in our neighborhoods.

Conditions to be respected

Of course, street play must take place in a safe environment and under certain conditions:

  • sufficient visual clearance;
  • respect for the peace and quiet of neighbors;
  • vigilance on the part of participants
  • parental supervision;
  • clearing the roadway after the game.

Unauthorized streets

For safety reasons, free play is not permitted on certain busy streets and arteries. The map below shows these streets.

Carte jeux de rues interdits

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Vigilance for healthy cohabitation

The notion of sharing the road will be all the more important to ensure healthy cohabitation between all users. We therefore invite all citizens to be vigilant in their movements.

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