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Urban Planning Advisory Committee

photo town planningGoverned by the Act Respecting Land use Planning and Development, the Urban Planning Advisory Committee (UPAC) has the mandate to deliver opinions on applications it receives in matters of urban and land-use planning, including:

  • Applications for minor exemptions from the by-laws;
  • Applications for approval of plans through the Siting & Architectural Integration Plan (SAIP) process; and
  • Applications for changes to the zoning, subdivision, building, and permits and certificates by-laws.

The members of the UPAC are chosen for their expertise in urban planning, architecture, heritage, or any other discipline that might guide and support the municipal council in its decision-making.

The UPAC allows the municipal council to benefit from the contribution of citizens and elected officials, who bring to the table their experience and specific concerns regarding land-use planning. The UPAC thus brings citizens closer to urban planning issues.


Any project request must be submitted to the Urban Planning, Permits and Inspection Department. The project will then be evaluated by the members of the Urban Planning Advisory Committee, who will then make their recommendations to City Council.

A permit may be issued after the municipal council approves the project at a subsequent public meeting. 

Its members

The UPAC is made up of:

  • councillors Philippe Glorieux and Brigitte Marcotte;
  • Kevin Massé, member of the Ordre des architectes du Québec (since May, 2018);
  • Luc Côté, member of the Mouillepied Historical Society (since July, 2021);
  • residents Monique Dutil (since April, 2014) and Philippe Leggett-Bachand (since October, 2015), Pierre-François Chapleau (since February, 2020) and Paul Guenther (since February, 2020) ;
  • Anik Fortin, Head of the Urban Planning, Permits and Inspection Department, acting as secretary.
  • Richard Boulet, Urban Planning consultant, acting as secretary (substitute)