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Tree Policy

This city is a true verdant paradise thanks to our urban forest. We all have a shared responsibility to preserve and improve this wealth to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the quality of life to which they are rightfully entitled.

As one of the initiatives in the sustainable development plan, this tree policy was developed to allow the municipality to protect its urban forest and promote the distinctive character of trees in the urban landscape. Thus, the City responds to citizens’ expectations and affirms its vision of sustainable development by recognizing the importance of trees in the city and, in particular, of trees in public spaces.

This plan will become the management framework that will guide both the City’s actions and citizens’ participation as relates to this collective wealth. Whether through concrete actions, such as by-laws, or awareness-raising activities, such as the establishment of an annual tree sale, the City now has a strategic vision that will underpin its ability to preserve its arboreal heritage.

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