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Finance and Human Resources Committee

The Finance Committee was created in 2006 to provide the City Manager’s Office and City Council with guidance regarding all financial questions related to municipal activities.

The Finance Committee serves as a forum where managers, elected municipal officers, and residents can meet to discuss issues, explore various options, and study the City’s finances. 

More specifically, the Committee is responsible for:

  • studying the annual budget and the three-year capital expenditure program before they are presented to City Council; 
  • doing periodic monitoring to ensure that the budget is adhered to; 
  • receiving and reviewing the annual financial statements from the auditor before they are presented to City Council; 
  • ensuring an acceptable level of property taxation for residents; 
  • analyzing the relevance of the capital expenditure program) in light of current and planned infrastructure projects;
  • ensuring sound management of the long-term debt and keeping it at an acceptable level; 
  • discussing the Longueuil agglomeration’s financial issues from Saint-Lambert’s perspective. 

Its members

The Finance Committee is made up of the following people:

  • the mayor, Pierre Brodeur
  • the three City Council members David Bowles, as president, Bernard Rodrigue, as vice-president and Julie Bourgoin 
  • City Manager, Georges Pichet
  • Finance Office director, J. Robert Belliveau, as secretary
  • Human Resources and Communications Office director, Mélissa Mercure
  • the residents Gilles Girard (since October 2014) and Gilles Therrien (since April 2018)