Development of the Parks and Green Spaces Master Plan

Development of the Parks and Green Spaces Master Plan

The Ville de Saint-Lambert must now undertake the process of developing a parks and green spaces master plan, as its most recent one dates back to 1999. The main objective of developing this plan is to provide a reference tool that will enable the City to plan, over a horizon of 10 years, priority actions to achieve the consolidation, rationalization, development and preservation of its green spaces and its recreational and sports facilities.

The preferred approach will take into account the interrelationship between the physical and demographic characteristics of the municipality, the needs of its residents and new trends in parks and green spaces and in sports and recreational infrastructure.

The plan will become a strategic planning tool enabling the various stakeholders to plan the maintenance, consolidation, development and improvement of the network of parks and green spaces and of its recreational and sports facilities. The goal is to produce a priority action plan and to identify development guidelines for existing parks.

Preliminary plan
You can consult the preliminary Parks and Green Spaces Master Plan (in French) which was presented to the municipal council meeting on August 23, 2021. The final plan will be adopted by the city council in the next few months.

Steps in the process

This planning tool will be developed in five main steps. The final master plan is slated for completion by the spring of 2021.

Step 1: Profile of the population and potential needs

This step will establish the existing and projected socio-demographic profile of the Ville de Saint-Lambert to better identify the population’s needs in terms of outdoor sports and recreational spaces and facilities.

Step 2: Analysis of the provision of parks and facilities

This step will produce a qualitative and quantitative inventory of parks, green spaces and outdoor sports facilities, identifying both supply and vocation in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the current network.

Step 3 : Diagnosis

  • Compile an inventory of facilities;
  • Draw up a diagnostic portrait of the network of parks and their sports and recreational facilities;
  • Analyze the supply of facilities across the territory;
  • Identify opportunities to equip the municipality with additional recreational and sports facilities that correspond to its socio-demographic characteristics, existing standards, comparable cities and the frequency of need by its organizations;
  • Identify the actions required to maintain the condition of the parks and to develop the park network that best meet the needs of the population.

Step 4: Citizen consultations

Step 5: Action plan

  • Establish a phased action plan and investment program;
  • Establish prioritization criteria for park additions, improvements or restoration where applicable;
  • Propose a maintenance plan for recreational facilities and sports fields.

At this stage, action priorities will be established according to need for the upgrading, rehabilitation or construction of recreational or sports facilities.


  • Contract award: summer 2020
  • Analysis of the provision and diagnostic portrait: summer-fall 2020
  • Public consultations: winter-spring 2021
  • Action plan: spring 2021
  • Preliminary master plan: summer 2021
  • Final master plan: to be determined


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