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Fight against climate change: The Ville de Saint-Lambert publishes its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory

Published on 21 Nov 2023

Recognizing that municipalities play an important role in the fight against climate change, the Ville de Saint-Lambert published an updated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory in 2023.

The City joined the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP), national network of 400+ municipalities, committing to a five-step process to be completed within 10 years. The first task was to complete an up-to-date GHG inventory

Carried out by the Conseil régional de l’environnement de la Montérégie (CRE Montérégie), the inventory provides an accurate and current picture of our emissions to guide our future actions. It is the result of several months’ work and a rigorous analysis of the emissions generated by both municipal and community activities.

"For several years now, climate change has been at the heart of our concerns, and the city has been multiplying its actions to actively contribute to tackling this global issue. This inventory is in line with one of the major orientations of our 2021-2030 sustainable development plan, which aims to equip our City with tools to reduce its carbon footprint,"
said Mayor Pascale Mongrain.


  • When GHG emissions from municipal operations are added to those of the community, the impact for the municipality is approximately 71,700 tonnes of CO2e.
  • To offset these GHG emissions on the territory, we would have to plant trees over an area equivalent to six times the size of the city.
  • GHG emissions from community activities are responsible for 69,290 tonnes of CO2e, or 97% of Saint-Lambert’s total inventory.
  • Road transport accounts for the largest share of GHG emissions in Saint-Lambert, and the residents’ vehicle fleet accounts for the majority of emissions in this category.
  • Residents’ mobility accounts for the bulk of GHG emissions (66%) in the community’s inventory.
    The two energy sources that generate the most GHG emissions in the community are motor vehicle fuels and natural gas.

An action plan

The inventory will be accompanied by a climate action plan comprising a series of measures to manage and minimize GHG emissions at their source. The long-term goal is to reduce our emissions by 35% by 2035.

"While the task may seem considerable, collectively we can make a difference. Reading this report will certainly stimulate reflection on our lifestyle habits and the changes we can make," concluded Mayor Pascale Mongrain.

Report and Survey

The complete report is available by clicking here.

The city is also inviting residents to complete a survey to assess the concrete actions they are willing to take, and that the municipality could implement to help reduce our carbon footprint and achieve our targets. They can complete the survey before December 10, 2023:
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