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Saint-Lambert library receives top award from the BiblioQUALITÉ program

Published on 14 Dec 2023


Evaluated as part of the BiblioQUALITÉ program, the Saint-Lambert library has been awarded a level 5 yellow ribbon, the highest possible distinction, for the quality of its services to the public.

Almost 100%!

Across the province, every municipality that is a member of the Association des bibliothèques publiques du Québec (ABPQ) or of a regional Réseau BIBLIO was evaluated according to five neutral indicators, which apply equally: acquisition expenditure, opening hours, adequate floor space, human resources serving users, seating capacity. With a score of 91%, all of Saint-Lambert's indicators are at a high level, placing the city in the ribbon 5 category. This represents a 21% deviation from the average score of 70% for all ABPQ member cities in Quebec.

It's a position that makes the municipal council and the library team proud of this recognition and, above all, of providing services that are ever more adapted to the needs of the population. "This distinction reflects the efforts made to make our library a place of culture, learning, meetings and exchanges accessible to all. We are committed to offering our citizens a quality library, and we are delighted that our investments and efforts are being recognized today," said Mayor Pascale Mongrain.

With a score of 100% for both indicators, the Saint-Lambert library stands out for its surface area and large number of seats. In fact, it offers a wide range of spaces adapted to different needs and clienteles. The presence of sufficient and well-trained staff to meet users' needs was also highlighted in the report, with a score of 91%. Finally, the library's opening hours of 57 hours per week, which have been improved, and the acquisition of 4,573 printed books in 2022 complete the overall evaluation.

"Year after year, we work hard to offer a diverse range of services that will please our users of all ages. We take to heart the role that public libraries play in the social and cultural development of our community, and we offer services that reflect this. Book clubs, lectures, creative workshops, video game tournaments and literary meetings are just a few examples of what you can find at the library beyond the loan of documents. I invite everyone to come and discover what their library has to offer," concludes Élizabeth Jacques, Head of the Library Division.

A program to provide tools

Initiated in 2013 by the Réseau BIBLIO des Laurentides, and taken over in 2019 by the ABPQ and the Réseau BIBLIO du Québec, the BiblioQUALITÉ program provides a better understanding of the state of investments made in libraries by municipalities. The program is based on the level of excellence set out in the Lignes directrices pour les bibliothèques publiques du Québec.

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