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Recreation and Community Life Committee

The Recreation and Community Life Committee was created to make recommendations and set out guidelines on issues that concern the Culture and Recreation Office. Its role is advisory, and it submits its recommendations to City Council.

More specifically, the committee’s mandate is to:

  • Work together with the Culture and Recreation Office to realize the recreational responsibilities that fall under the City’s mission and the  specific objectives of this administrative unit by supporting the decision-making process;
  • Collaborate in identifiying and understanding the challenges faced by the Culture and Recreation Office arising from the City’s strategic plan, in accordance with its mission and objectives;
  • Review and discuss the guidelines and actions taken to ensure the Culture and Recreation Office achieves its objectives;
  • Orient and review draft policies developed by the Culture and Recreation Office;
  • Become acquainted with and offer recommendations on recurring issues concerning the Culture and Recreation Office, such as programming, pricing and the promotion of activities.

Its members

The committee is made up of three elected representatives and ten citizens who vote on the recommendations. They are joined by the director of the Culture and Recreation Office, who serves as a non-voting member. Citizen members sit on the committee for a renewable two-year term.

The committee is made up of the following members:

  • the three City Council members France Désaulniers (as president) and Francis Le Chatelier (as vice-president)
  • and citizen members Monette Saint-Jacques (since June 2014), Joseph Deblois (since June 2016), Marie Desrosiers (since November 2016), Christopher Kalec (since April 2017), Renée Liboiron (since April 2017), Isabelle Gendron (since April 2017) and Rod Sandiland (since december 2014).