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2035 sustainable land-use vision

The Ville de Saint-Lambert has adopted a sustainable land-use vision with a 20-year horizon to ensure that its land is developed responsibly and respectfully. Our city has many strengths worth consolidating and enhancing in the years ahead in order to make it a truly sustainable community.

Participatory process

Seeking a vision that would be both unifying and distinctly Lambertan, the Ville de Saint-Lambert launched a vast participatory consultation process called “Saint-Lambert 2035.” The three-step process invited citizens, partners, employees and elected officers to turn to the future and envisage what they wanted their city to look like. In all, it gave more than 500 individuals an opportunity to express their vision of future land use in their city.

Échéancier de l'élaboration de la vision 2035

Sustainable land-use vision

The results of the “Saint-Lambert 2035” initiative made it possible to develop a unifying vision for our community that can be described as follows:

A city that celebrates its strengths while respecting existing features. In 2035, Saint-Lambert will be a city that is composed of complete, multi-functional living environments and that promotes controlled, environmentally responsible urban development and its “urban village” character. Its highly livable neighbourhoods will encourage active transportation and serve to enhance the living environment.

Saint-Lambert will have a dynamic economy in 2035, thanks to thriving local commercial activity and attractive employment hubs. Its contemporary economy will also encourage innovation and creativity, while enabling the city to expand its influence and outreach as a recognized cultural hub. The quality of its public transit infrastructures and the connectedness between its compact downtown core, parks and public spaces will limit the use of cars and promote various forms of sustainable mobility.

In 2035, Saint-Lambert will be a great city to call home. Its diversified range of housing options and services will make it a place to be born, to grow up and to grow old. Its participatory culture will promote the social interactions, active involvement and inclusion of all its citizens.

Six main orientations emerged from the “Saint-Lambert 2035” initiative to meet the City’s self-defined challenges and realize its 2035 sustainable land-use vision. Objectives were also identified for each orientation. These will be pursued through concrete actions taken in the short, medium and long terms.

A structuring tool

The vision that emerged from this process will guide the Ville de Saint-Lambert in its drafting or revamping of all future documents concerning the use and development of Saint-Lambert land.

In fact, in 2020, the Ville de Saint-Lambert will be revising its land-use master plan and by-laws. It will also take this opportunity to bring them into compliance with the new requirements of the Agglomération de Longueuil Land Use and Development Plan (which took effect in December 2016) and to incorporate new conditions for the evolution of town planning that were voiced by Saint-Lambert citizens.

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