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2021-2025 Strategic Plan

The result of several months of work, the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan spells out the orientations and focus areas of action for the next few years. This plan is a continuation of that implemented in 2014-2018. The actions identified are designed to preserve the city’s identity and community dynamic, while endeavouring to meet residents’ needs at the most affordable cost.


Ville de Saint-Lambert provides ethical, high-quality services to its population by remaining attentive to its residents’ needs and aspirations. Supported by a thorough understanding of the changing needs of its citizens, the City manages its activities and assets with integrity and transparency, and allocates its resources in a responsible, efficient, and diligent manner.

Strategic focus areas

  • Focus Area 1: The sustainable and dynamic redevelopment of the territory in keeping with residents’ expectations
  • Focus Area 2: A community that prioritizes accessibility, the environment, health, quality of life and culture
  • Focus Area 3: An efficient, committed, transparent and innovative administration


To ensure the sustainability and execution of this ambitious plan, Ville de Saint-Lambert will implement these follow-up mechanisms:

  • Quarterly meetings will be held to prepare a systematic progress report on the achievement of priorities set for the year under way, and as the case may be, to make the necessary readjustments.
  • The city will define specific performance indicators to assess the progress made regarding each objective and priority set.
  • A report on the previous year’s action plan will be produced and distributed annually.

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