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Sort properly, waste less: The Ville de Saint-Lambert launches a campaign focused on waste management

Published on 07 Jun 2024

Sort, properly, waste less!

To help you adopt the best habits on a daily basis, the Ville de Saint-Lambert is launching a campaign this week dedicated to the management of residual materials.

Under the theme Sort properly, waste less, the campaign is designed to give you the tools you need to make the right decisions when it comes to disposing of waste of all kinds.

“When in doubt about how to dispose of an item, we often think it should go in the garbage. In reality, with proper sorting at source, only 3% of waste should end up there,”
says Marie-Ève Ferland, Head of the Environment Division.

From an environmental protection perspective, using the right collection or service to dispose of our items helps reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill sites. Landfill sites emit large quantities of greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming. What's more, landfill capacity is gradually reaching saturation point. Along with reduction at source and recycling, valorization of residual materials also makes it possible to counter waste and thus reduce our environmental footprint.

Significant financial impact

Beyond the environmental aspect, the financial impact of poor waste management is considerable. “Every ton of organic matter sent to landfill rather than to biomethanization (through composting) represents a much higher treatment cost, which has a direct impact on our public finances,” says Mayor Pascale Mongrain.

“Improving our performance in terms of organic waste collection would also enable us to consolidate and even increase the government subsidies to which we are entitled, and which are based directly on our results,” continues the mayor.

So, sorting properly may be a simple gesture, but collectively it helps protect our environment, saves us money and benefits our entire community.

Tools to help you

The campaign's main tool is an explanatory guide to proper waste sorting. This guide will be mailed to you next week. Keep it and refer to it as needed! You can also consult an electronic version in the Publications section of our website.

The campaign will continue over the next few weeks with, among other things, the diffusion of information capsules on social media and in the municipal newsletter. They will present the main mistakes made in the various collections and provide tips and tricks to better manage your residual materials.

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