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Grande guignolée des médias de la Rive-Sud | Thanks to the great generosity of the population, the collection of donations comes to an end

Published on 04 Jan 2024

Following the robbery of foodstuffs from the Grande guignolée des médias de la Rive-Sud warehouse last week, the Ville de Saint-Lambert would like to highlight the initiative of a group of citizens, particularly Mr. Herman Champagne and Mr. Louis-Michel Raby, who were behind the special collection that took place at various intersections in our city on Wednesday, January 3.

Supported by the president and founder of the guignolée, Mr. Jean-Marie Girard, and thanks to the mobilization of some thirty volunteers, the operation was a real success. The public responded in large numbers to the appeal and showed great generosity. In the face of such an outpouring of solidarity, the organization received all the donations and foodstuffs it needed to meet demand. This year's campaign is now over, and there's no longer any need to send in your donations.

Thank you all for your support! We are proud to have seen our community mobilize for this cause.

We look forward to counting on you for the December 2024 campaign.

Photo legend: Herman Champagne and Louis-Michel Raby (photo 1) | Jean-Marie Girard (photo 2) | Andrée Paradis, volunteer; Pascale Mongrain, mayor; Claude Panneton, volunteer; Virginie Dostie-Toupin, city councillor and Liette Michaud, city councillor (photo 3).

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