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Traffic Management Committee

CirculationThe Traffic Management Committee studies requests and problems relating to signage and traffic control throughout the territory of Saint-Lambert.

More specifically, its mandate is to:

  • receive requests and complaints concerning traffic, traffic control, and the use and safety of the road network across the territory of the city;
  • deliver opinions and make recommendations to municipal council about changes that would improve the flow of traffic;
  • monitor the implementation of the traffic master plan that was adopted in 2013; and
  • make a general study of other files that fall within its scope of expertise.

Because the Traffic Management Committee acts in a consultative capacity, the municipal council is responsible for adopting its recommendations and for taking measures, by resolution or legislation, to implement them.

Its members

The committee is made up of:

  • councillors Julie Bourgoin, as president;
  • Éric Painchaud, Head of Engineering, Urban Planning and Environment Office;
  • Ronald Laurin, Director of the Public Works Office;
  • Jonathan Rannou, captain of the Police Department; and
  • Nicolas Tanguay, Director of transport planning and development of the Réseau de transport de Longueuil 
  • Charles Élysée, municipal engineering technician
  • residents Lissa Morotti (since April 2014), Philippe Côté (since July 2018) and Jeff Desruisseaux (since April 2019). 

Let us know!

If you wish to signal a problem or make a specific request to the members of the Traffic Management Committee, please complete the request form below or write to

Speed bump request

Requests for a speed bump must be made before June 15 of the year for which the request is being made.

Step 1

Ensure the following criteria would be met when making a request for a speed bump:

  • The slope of the road in question is equal to or less than 4%;
  • The speed bump would not be located in a curve;
  • The road does not serve as a bus route or an access corridor for emergency vehicles;
  • The speed bump would not be located in front of a driveway or a fire hydrant;
  • The speed bump would be located at least 50 metres from a stop sign, a park, or a school;
  • The speed bump would be installed at a right angle to the flow of vehicular traffic;
  • The speed bump would be visible from a distance;
  • The location of a speed bump would take into account the safety of cyclists and pedestrians;
  • The installation of a speed bump would not hamper water drainage;
  • The speed bump must be located at adjacent property lines between abutting properties;

Step 2

If you think all these criteria are met, you may complete the speed bump request form below and submit it to the Traffic Management Committee.

Step 3

If the City accepts the request, you will be sent a survey form to complete. On it, you must clearly identify the location where the speed bump is to be installed and gather the signatures of support of the majority of residents who live between the two intersections where it will be installed.

The City will charge a fee of $750 for the removal of a speed bump, payable by all the residents who signed in support of its installation. However, any speed bump that causes or can cause, in the professional opinion of the municipal engineers, a decrease in general safety or prevents reasonable mobility may be removed without prior warning or consultation.

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