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Sustainable Development and Environment Committee

Vente d'arbresIn 2007, Saint-Lambert City Council created the Sustainable Development and Environment Committee to work on improving the municipality’s environmental performance and ensuring its sustainable development.

More specifically, the Environment Committee is responsible for: 

  • submitting opinions and recommendations to City Council on environmental and sustainable development issues;
  • proposing, coordinating, and carrying out awareness-raising activities such as the sale of trees, composters, and rain barrels, an event held in the context of Earth Hour, etc.;
  • studying other environmental matters and projects submitted by the city, and carrying them out.

The Committee’s efforts led to the adoption of a sustainable development plan in 2012, and in turn gave rise to the city’s Tree Policy. Since that time, the Committee’s role has consisted mainly of following up on the execution of this plan and the related projects. 

Its members

The following individuals sit on the Sustainable Development and Environment Committee:

  • city councillors Brigitte Marcotte, as president, and Loïc Blancquaert, as vice-president; 
  • the head of the Environment Management division, Marie-Ève Ferland;
  • and residents Sushil Handa (since June 2007), Philippe Kouadio (since December 2015), Francine Marsolais (since June 2007) and Vincent Guimon-Hébert (since April 2018).

Let us know!

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