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Local Redevelopment Committee

The Local Redevelopment Committee studies major redevelopment projects within the municipality at the request of Council.

Redéveloppement local


The committee focuses on: 

  • Discussing the main orientations of urban redevelopment based on the Sustainable Development Vision 2035 and the City’s rules and internal policies;
  • Studying and analyzing the various sectors undergoing redevelopment that will be included in the regulatory review in progress;
  • Sharing and exchanging ideas on potential innovations in contemporary urban planning;
  • Making recommendations to Council within the framework of the regulatory review (Special Planning Program - SPP).

Its members

The committee is made up of:

  • Philippe Glorieux, City councillor;
  • France Desaulniers, City councillor;
  • Éric Painchaud, Head of the Engineering, Urban Planning and Environment Office;
  • Julie Larose, Head of the Urban Planning, Permits and Inspection Department;
  • residents Vincent Trudel, Pierre-François Chapleau, Tyson Clinton, Marc-André Carignan, Guillaume Paradis and Richard Jean-Baptiste (all since March 2020).