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Cultural advisory committee

This committee is tasked with establishing directions for issues and areas of activity relating to the Arts and culture Management division. To this end, its members will meet at least three times a year. 

The composition of the permanent cultural advisory committee is varied and representative of the cultural milieu. Citizen members serve on the committee for a two-year period. 


The committee will focus on the following objectives: 

  • Discuss and make recommendations concerning directions for the Arts and culture Management division;
  • Contribute to the vitality and dynamism of the Saint-Lambert cultural milieu;
  • Revise the Saint-Lambert cultural policy and make recommendations on updating the policy;
  • Follow and make recommendations on the actions to take to implement this policy’s action plan;
  • Coordinate a forum for exchange and partnership between members and the milieus they represent, with the aim of ensuring interconnections between the various cultural players.

Committee members

The committee is composed of the following members:

  • France Désaulniers, City councillor, as chair;
  • Francis Le Chatelier, City councillor, as vice-chair;
  • Elizabeth Jacques, Head of the Library Management division
  • Jacques Sénéchal, representative from the visual arts sector;
  • Jean-François Sénéchal, representative from the books and reading sector;
  • Josée Véronneau, Head of the Arts and Culture Management division;
  • Julie Domenjoz, member designated by the Corporation for the Economic Development of Saint-Lambert;
  • Marie-Anne Rozankovic, representative from the performing arts sector;
  • Monette Saint-Jacques, representative from the heritage sector;
  • Martin Duchesneau, representative from the cultural events sector;
  • Position to fill, citizen.