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Advisory committee on Lespérance Park

Membres du comité du parc Lespérance

This committee completed its activities in 2016 following the submission of its report.

With the arena renovation close to completion, the City of Saint-Lambert is now able to turn its attention to upgrading this park, which users have been waiting for several years already. This ad hoc committee was created in February, 2016 to help the City better identify the needs of users and ensure they are met.

More specifically, the goal of this committee is to provide recommendations to City Council. Once approved, these recommendations will be used to prepare the technical and functional specifications for the park.

To achieve this, the committee met every week until April, with the goal of submitting its recommendations to City Council in June. It consulted with various municipal committees and authorities to ensure consistency and representation of all the parties concerned.

Its members

To ensure that all the users from the different areas of activities are represented, 15 or so people were selected for the committee. The members are: 

  • Herman Champagne, member of the soccer Association and president;
  • Jean-Claude Champagne, Oak Avenue resident;
  • Jean-François Brossard, member of the tennis Club;
  • Geneviève Saint-Pierre, Oak Avenue resident;
  • Denyse Chagnon, member of the Beautification Committee;
  • Donald St-Laurent, Merton Avenue resident;
  • Christian Loirat, member of the Minor Hockey Association;
  • Hélène Gagnon, member of the Figure Skating Club;
  • Raymond Thom, member of the Lawn Bowling Club;
  • Serge Émond, member of the community gardens;
  • France Martel, member of the St. Lambert Dog Owners Association;
  • Volker Blank, Crescent Street resident;
  • Jean-Michel Fortin, member of the Curling Club.

To assist them in their work, various representatives of the municipal administration will also sit on the committee:

  • Georges Pichet, City Manager;
  • Ronald Laurin, Director of Public Works Office;
  • Yohan Botbol, Head of Engineering Department;
  • Michel Barbier, Director of Recreation, Sports and Community Services Office;
  • Robert Bourguignon, Head of Sports Activity Management.

Its report

In September, 2016, the advisory committee on the redesign and improvement of Lespérance Park has tabled the report of its work with City Council:

logo PDF Rapport du comité consultatif sur le réaménagement et l’amélioration du parc Lespérance (in French)

City Council must now analyse the report to determine the directions to take that will guide the preparation of plans and specifications. Throughout the process, the elected officials will keep the dialogue going with the committee’s members, to ensure they have a good understanding of the project. Their goal is to hold a public information session in the spring of 2017.