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Ad hoc roundtable for the family policy

This coming fall (2018), the City of Saint-Lambert will begin a process aimed at updating its family policy. The aims of this policy will be to improve the delivery of municipal services to all family members, and ultimately to improve their quality of life.

As part of the process, the City would like to create an ad hoc roundtable consisting of various members of the community. This roundtable will be asked to contribute – through discussion, sharing and collaboration – to the development and implementation of the family policy and related action plan, to develop a framework for implementing and following up on the action plan, and to develop an Age-Friendly Municipality (AFM) policy (known as MADA, or Municipalité amie des aînés, in French).

More specifically, the members of the roundtable will be responsible for:

  • drawing on their own respective professional expertise and/or community organizations to contribute to the work of the roundtable;
  • cultivating a spirit of collaboration and mutual aid in which value is placed on sharing information and expertise;
  • mobilizing the main community stakeholders to become involved in the process;
  • ensuring the sustainability of the process (follow-up committee);
  • highlighting the value of the process and bringing it to public attention; and
  • keeping City Council informed of the steering committee’s work and answering any questions that Council may have about the process.

Committee members

The committee is composed of the following members:

  • Philippe Glorieux, City councillor, as chair
  • Julie Bourgoin, City councillor, as vice-chair
  • Brigitte Marcotte, City councillor representative for the family
  • Nadia Beauregard, responsible for community life and seniors in the city
  • Catherine Langevin, head of Communications Management
  • Julie Blanchette, representative from Centre d'action bénévole de la Rive-Sud
  • Louise Poulin, representative from L'Entreclefs
  • Danielle Auclair, representative of the seniors component of the Health and Social Services Center
  • Chantal Plamondon, representative of the youth component of the Health and Social Services Center
  • Lise Ouellette, representative of the child component of the Health and Social Services Center
  • Pierre Hogue, representative from Saint-Lambert Council for Seniors
  • Renée Liboiron, representative from Tenants des arts et de la culture
  • Four residents.

The members of the roundtable will meet every three weeks over a period of approximately six months as of the end of August.  

For more information...

Anyone interested to have more information about the committee may contact Nadia Beauregard, Coordinator, Community Life and Seniors, at