Renovation of Logan Park

Logan Park is a neighbourhood park for families living in the area. It also serves as a playground for children at the adjacent École des Saints-Anges.

In 2015, École des Saints-Anges was expanded to accommodate a growing number of students. Currently, approximately 400 children attend this school. Because the school's expansion project was built on land occupied by its schoolyard, Logan Park consequently now serves as the school's playground.

The park renovation project will be carried out in partnership with the Centre de services scolaires Marie-Victorin (CSSMV).


At the moment, the park has only a few play modules, which are of limited interest to different age groups. Overall, it is inadequately configured and lacks furniture. In addition, the park has a drainage problem that causes significant water accumulation in the spring or after heavy rains and icy surfaces in the winter, making it inaccessible during these periods. Furthermore, its current layout does not allow for optimal use of the park in winter.


This renovation project aims to improve the park’s drainage, replace the outdated lighting, reconstruct the paths that are in poor condition and that will be destroyed by the work, build a new tobogganing hill, create a new playground area, add street furniture, replace the sand (which attracts a lot of wasps) with mulch, and plant more trees.

Once completed, the project will allow the park to better serve the needs of the school's children, particularly those aged 0 to 12, and see increased use by local residents.

Renovation plan

The work will primarily be focused on three areas: a new playground, the existing playground, and a tobogganing hill.

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Located close to the school, this playground will be able to accommodate approximately 150 children at the same time. The theme chosen for this area will be ‘nature,’ which will be reflected in the colours, decor, and accessories. This area will include:

  • Zones for circulating and socializing;
  • A central play area consisting of modules with various functions:
    • climbing walls;
    • slides, including a spiral slide;
    • climbing nets.
  • Urban furniture (benches, water fountain, picnic tables, multi-stream recycling stations [garbage cans]).

This area will be redeveloped under a ‘nature/play’ theme. In addition to recovering an existing module, we plan to replace the existing 0-5 module and add a four-place swing area:

  • 1 toddler seat
  • 1 parent-child seat
  • 2 adult seats

The park currently has three natural mounds, but they are too small to be used for tobogganing in winter.

The project will see the creation of a high hill (higher than the existing mounds) with a slope for sliding and an area for climbing back up.

A painted movement pathway will be created in the summer of 2024. This pathway will be composed of colourful shapes painted on the ground that cue children to move in different ways.


  • Design: winter 2023
  • Tender for play modules: February 2023
  • Tender for construction: March 2023
  • Start of construction: summer 2023
  • End of construction: fall 2023
  • Opening of the play modules close to the school: fall 2023
  • Opening of the rest of the park: June 2024
  • Painting the movement pathway: summer 2024

To learn more

For more information on this project, you can contact the Engineering Office at or 450 672-4444.


We invite you to consult this page regularly as we will post frequent updates that will allow you to follow the progress of the work

Work is progressing well. The Birch playground is now open to children at Saints-Anges elementary school. Work will continue until next spring. Stay tuned for the full reopening!

Following a safety inspection by a specialized firm, the Parc Logan playground cannot be opened for the time being, as some modules require minor corrections.

The Town is working with the Centre de services scolaires Marie-Victorin to open the playground as soon as possible, once the corrective work has been completed.

An information session to present this project was held on Wednesday, March 8, at 7:30 p.m. at École des Saints-Anges (126 Logan Street). During the meeting, we presented the key aspects of the project, the plans, and the projected timeline. You can see or review the presentation that was shown during the evening.

Following the presentation to the citizens, please note that some minor elements will be modified to finalize the project, including the height of the tobogganing hill which will be reduced.

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