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Saint-Lambert fire protection follow-up

Published on 20 Feb 2024

Service incendie de l'agglomération de Longueuil

On the evening of February 19, a fire broke out in a residence on Bedford Avenue in Saint-Lambert. A report of a faulty hydrant caused concern among local residents.

The Ville de Saint-Lambert would like to reassure its residents that the condition of the hydrant at the corner of Prince-Arthur is not a safety issue, given the good coverage of the hydrant network in our city. The municipality has 610 hydrants, providing exemplary coverage of the territory. Annual inspections ensure good fire protection throughout the territory.

The firefighters from the Fire department of the Longueuil agglomération knew that this hydrant was not usable, nor was it listed in their system. They used the one located in Alexandra Park, bordering the Bedford Avenue residences, which is even closer to the burnt-out house. The situation did not delay the operation or the firefighters' response time. They never ran out of water, and the pressure was very high.

The faulty hydrant is extremely difficult to repair because of its location close to underground structures and power and telephone poles. At the time of the events, planning was already underway by the Ville de Saint-Lambert to condemn it and place another one nearby.

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