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Ad hoc seniors’ roundtable

Formed in October 2016, the ad hoc seniors’ roundtable has the mission of ensuring and enhancing seniors’ well-being through discussion, sharing, concerted action and partnership among the various stakeholders in the seniors’ community and the municipality.

This roundtable will also give the City an opportunity to learn more about seniors’ needs and identify the issues that concern them, ultimately to help improve the quality of their lives.  

More specifically, the roundtable has the mandate to:

  • represent seniors’ diversity;
  • contribute to decision-making in terms of City Council’s orientations regarding seniors;
  • pass on to City Council information and opinions about the orientations to take to enhance seniors’ well-being;
  • foster seniors’ participation and integration into the community so as to promote intergenerational solidarity;
  • identify the level of services to be offered to seniors by the City;
  • produce a final report outlining ideas, comments and recommended improvements.

Modus operandi

During the months of November and December, the members will meet once or twice a week to prepare a report of recommendations for City Council.

A number of issues will be discussed, such as transportation services, recreational service offerings, municipal facilities, the upgrading of the parks, arena, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, etc.

Its members

The ad hoc seniors’ roundtable will be composed of:

  • Philippe Glorieux, City councillor
  • Brigitte Marcotte City councillor
  • Paule Blouin, resident (since December 2016);
  • Raymonde Caron, resident (since December 2016);
  • Luc Danielse, resident (since December 2016);
  • Micheline Després, member designated by Les tenants des arts or a replacement appointed by this organization;
  • Louise Bayard, member designated by the Saint-Lambert Council for Seniors or a replacement appointed by this organization;
  • Julie Blanchette, member designated by the South Shore Volunteer Centre;
  • Michel Barbier, Director of the Recreation, Sports and Community Services Office;
  • Nadia Beauregard, Coordinator, Community Life and Seniors, at the Recreation, Sports and Community Services Office;