Addition of curb extensions on Notre-Dame Avenue

During the week of July 11, the Ville de Saint-Lambert will begin work to install curb extensions on Notre-Dame Avenue at the intersections of Desaulniers Boulevard and Hooper Street. The work is slated for completion no later than August 24, before Saint-Lambert Days, to ensure that traffic is fluid for this major event and that it is back to normal for the start of the school year.

The addition of these curb extensions will improve pedestrian safety in the area. It will also provide additional space to plant new trees, which will help reduce heat islands in the area.

No parking spaces on Notre-Dame Avenue and Desaulniers Boulevard will be lost as a result of the addition of the curb extensions.

Description of the work

The work planned is mainly as follows:

  • Relocation of catch basins to adjust surface drainage due to the addition of the curb extensions
  • Construction of curb extensions
  • Repaving of intersections
  • Landscaping, including planting trees
  • Updating of road signs.

The work mainly consists of adding curb extensions to reduce crossing distances for pedestrians and improve visibility at these intersections. The project is being implemented in response to a recommendation concerning Desaulniers Boulevard in the 2021 sustainable mobility plan.

The same principle will be applied to the intersection of Hooper Street (on the side of the multi-purpose centre) due to the high level of traffic generated by the centre’s activities and the farmers’ market. Illuminated crosswalk signs will also be added at this location.

The installation of curb extensions is a more complex task than it appears, as it requires a complete overhaul of the surface drainage at these intersections. The contractor will have to relocate nearby catch basins, which will require major excavation work.

The Ville de Saint-Lambert will take advantage of the excavation work to completely repave the intersections.


Notre-Dame Avenue will be closed during the work. A detour route will be in place, and we invite drivers to follow the signs that will soon be installed.

Detour route on Notre-Dame Avenue

During the work, the Desaulniers Boulevard intersection will not be accessible in any direction. Traffic will be rerouted to Victoria Avenue, Mercille Avenue, Birch Avenue, Green Street, and Logan Street.

Businesses, residences, and the municipal parking lot on Notre-Dame Avenue between Desaulniers and Green will remain accessible to local traffic. However, access will be via Aberdeen Street (one-way towards Notre-Dame) or Green Street. It will only be possible to exit this area via Green Street.

Residents of Notre-Dame Avenue between Logan Street and Desaulniers Boulevard will have to use Logan Street to get to and from their homes.

While work is underway at the Hooper Street intersection, only one lane will be open on Notre-Dame to cross the intersection. Flaggers will be in place to direct alternating traffic. When work is not in progress, traffic will be permitted in both directions.

The pedestrian corridor between the municipal parking lot and Hooper Street will be maintained at all times during the work.

Neighbourhood residents

The reconstruction of a street is a complex operation involving many companies, and it disrupts people’s lives. We invite you to consult the Practical information during roadwork page, which will offer practical tips to ensure your daily routine remains as unaffected as possible.

On-street parking during the work will be permitted as usual, with the exception of parking spaces within the work zone. We ask that you respect the signage in the area.

The municipal parking lot on Notre-Dame Avenue will be accessible at all times during the work. The pedestrian crossing between the public parking lot on Notre-Dame Avenue and Hooper Street will be accessible at all times.

Parmela Laguerre or one of her assistants will be on site at all times and will do everything possible to help you cope with any problems caused by the work. Ms. Laguerre works for the City as a civil engineering technician and will be the person to speak to for the duration of the project. You can call her at: 438-368-7606. To contact the Engineering department in charge of the work, call: 450-466-3094.


The information on this page will be regularly updated. We invite you to check it regularly for progress reports on the work.

The preventive boil water advisory that was in effect for residents of Notre-Dame Avenue, between Desaulniers Boulevard and Aberdeen Street, has now been lifted.

Affected residents will all receive a door hanger informing them of the situation. They no longer have to boil their water before consuming it.

Due to a problem with the work on Notre-Dame Street, it was necessary to close the water urgently for the residents of Notre-Dame Avenue, between Desaulniers Boulevard and Aberdeen Street. Our teams are working to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

There will then be a preventive boil water advisory for the affected residences. Residents will be notified by door hangers during the day. During this time, it will be necessary to boil the water about 1 minute before consumption.

Despite the precautions taken by the City, it is possible that the water is coloured or has a strong chlorine odour. Just let the cold water run from the tub tap until it becomes clear and colourless (around 30 minutes), especially before doing laundry. If the colour remains after more than 30 minutes, please inform the City of your situation.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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