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Street closure

Fermeture de rue

In certain situations, the City can authorize a temporary street closure for a special event, such as Neighbours’ Day

To obtain authorization from the city, simply complete the form below.

The application must be forwarded 7 days before the event to allow the municipal team to plan the necessary operations.

Civic number, street name, city, postal code
You may add a second date in case it rains on the first date.
Indicate which section(s) of which street(s) you wish to close. For example, Lespérance Street between Pine and Curzon Avenues.
The end time must not be later than 11 p.m.
For logistical and security reasons, indicate the number of children who will be present during your activity. An estimate is enough.
In order to maintain good neighborly relations, it is your responsibility to inform your neighbors of your intention so that they can plan their activities accordingly.