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Traffic master plan

Boulevard Desaulniers

In today’s fast-paced world, people expect to be able to get where they are going quickly, safely, and with a certain degree of comfort. However, all these comings and goings have an impact on the living environment of residents.

The City of Saint-Lambert is well aware of the importance of this issue for the community and therefore developed a traffic master plan. This is a planning tool that will serve to effectively manage the spatial organization of traffic on its territory.

As part of the process of drawing up the plan, traffic problems were identified and evaluated within the framework of a comprehensive vision of development so that an accurate diagnosis of the situation could be made. Once that was done, response strategies were developed for the city as a whole as well as for each sector.

The implementation of the traffic master plan in the years ahead will ensure residents’ quality of life is not only preserved but also improved. The plan will also address the concerns of many citizens who face daily transportation problems.

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