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Sustainable mobility plan

Plan de mobilité durable

In a perpetually moving world, getting around fast, safely and comfortably has become a generalized need for people. However, all this movement has an impact on residents’ living environment. 

Aware that this represents an important issue for the community, in the next few months the City of Saint-Lambert will embark on a planning and consultation process aimed at ultimately adopting its very first sustainable mobility plan (SMP). 

Once completed, the Sustainable Mobility Plan will consist of a planning tool for efficiently managing the spatial organization of travel on Saint-Lambert territory. Its implementation will help improve all types of travel and promote active transportation in particular, while ensuring peace and quiet in residential neighbourhoods as well as public road safety. It will also address the requests made by many citizens who experience transportation problems on a daily basis. 

Aim of the process

This collaborative and structured process will draw up a profile of local travel habits and patterns, including all modes of transportation. In addition, it will identify various intervention strategies for improving citizens’ quality of life and conditions for the movement of goods and people within our city. 

Steps in the process

This planning tool will essentially be developed in two main steps: 

Step 1: Drawing up a profile and making a diagnosis (January to April 2020)

This step will involve painting a picture of current mobility on Saint-Lambert territory in order to pinpoint the related problems, issues and constraints: active and public modes of transportation, alternative modes to single-occupant cars, safety, quality of life, and the road network.

This participatory process includes the following consultation activities: 

  • online survey inviting citizens to share information about their travel habits and needs and to identify mobility problems in Saint-Lambert; 
  • workshop with the City’s key actors to identify mobility problems and issues in Saint-Lambert; and
  • workshops with students at one elementary school and one high school in our city to identify mobility problems and issues for students in Saint-Lambert. 

Step 2: Developing a 2035 action plan (May to September 2020)

This step will define projects, strategies and measures to put in place in order to address the problems and issues identified in the profile and diagnosis.

A public presentation will inform citizens of the resulting Sustainable Mobility Plan and the actions identified for addressing these problems and needs. 

Where we are in the process

The City of Saint-Lambert is currently working on the first step in this project. The survey now posted online is designed to find out about the mobility habits and modes of transportation preferred by Lambertans.

Your answers will help improve the diagnosis, which in turn will guide the City of Saint-Lambert’s decisions about transportation in the coming years. The information obtained from the survey will remain confidential. You will need about 15 to 20 minutes to complete the survey.

You can complete the survey (in French only) until March 1 at the following address:

Thank you in advance for participating.

Got questions?

If you have any questions about the process, please contact us at