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 Riverside/Simard RoundaboutThe roundabout at the Simard Boulevard and Riverside Drive intersection will be open to traffic in December. This structure will improve traffic flow for motorists and cyclists, while enhancing the esthetic appeal of this important entry to our city. 

What exactly is a roundabout? 

A roundabout is a usually circular intersection where traffic circulates counter-clockwise around a central island and where entering vehicles must yield to those already in the roundabout.

Its benefits

The installation of a roundabout will offer a number of concrete benefits to neighbourhood residents and visitors: 

  • Greater safety for all users: Pedestrians and cyclists will only have to look in one direction to find out when to cross. Also, crosswalk lights will clearly tell motorists when to stop.
  • Lower speeds: Vehicles will slow down as they approach the roundabout because it represents a major change in the driving environment.
  • Environmental benefits: As motorists will come to full stops less often, this will reduce noise and gas consumption, which in turn will have a direct impact on air quality. Also, the roundabout implies a surface of asphalt, which acts as a “heat island.”
  • Esthetically pleasing: A roundabout creates a distinctive entry that can be landscaped and that forms an eye-catching landmark.

Here’s how to use it!

Source: Ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l’Électrification des transports

Reduce your speed as you approach the roundabout to enter safely.

Étape 1 - Ralentissez

Get into the lane you will use for your desired exit and stay in it until you exit.

Étape 2 - Choisissez la bonne voie

Before entering the roundabout, you must first yield to pedestrians and cyclists, and then to vehicles already in the circle. You may have to come to a complete stop while waiting for a safe gap in the traffic flow to enter.

Étape 3 - Cédez le passage

Safely enter the roundabout using the lane you have chosen for the exit you will use.

Étape 4 - Entrez dans le carrefour

As you approach your exit, signal right to indicate your intention. Never stop in a roundabout, unless it is to avoid a collision.

Étape 5 - Signalez vos intentions

Exit the roundabout. Yield to pedestrians and cyclists when necessary.

Étape 6 - Sortez du carrefour

Cyclists and pedestrians

The roundabout design includes crosswalks for pedestrians and cyclists. Cameras that automatically detect pedestrian or cyclist activity will activate lighted signs to warn motorists of their presence at the crosswalks. For their safety, we ask that pedestrians and cyclists always use the crosswalks to cross the road.

To know more

Watch the animated clip Ralentissez, on tourne! produced by the Ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l’Électrification des transports (in French). The clip demonstrates the rules to follow to safely navigate a roundabout.

You can consult

Symbole pdf Roundabout card