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Rehabilitation of Dulwich Avenue

Zone de travaux DulwichThis year, the Ville de Saint-Lambert will be reconstructing Dulwich Avenue (between Green and Mercier streets) as well as Crescent Street (between Dulwich and Sanford avenues). The work will consist of replacing the sewers and water mains, repaving, and rebuilding the sidewalks.  

We are well aware of the inconveniences caused by such major work and the havoc they wreak in your usual routines. We therefore wish to help you prepare for them. 


For the duration of the work, Dulwich Avenue will be closed between Green and Mercier streets, and Crescent Street will be closed between Dulwich and Sanford avenues. Local traffic will be permitted throughout the project.

According to the progress of the work, residents of Dulwich Avenue will have access their residences either via Green Street or via Brixton Avenue and Mercier Street. Likewise, residents of Crescent Street will have access their residences either via Sanford Avenue or via Brixton Avenue, Mercier Street and Dulwich Avenue.

Neighbourhood residents

The reconstruction of a street is a complex operation involving many companies, and it creates a great deal of disruption to people’s routines. The page Practical information on roadworks will offer you practical tips to ensure your daily routine continues as smoothly as possible.

Planning renovations this summer?

If you are hoping to do any renovation work on your home this summer, we invite you to take into account the inconveniences caused by this major roadwork when you are planning the work.

Remember that, among other things, when excavation work is under way in front of your home to replace the pipes and rebuild the sidewalks, it will be temporarily impossible for a vehicle to access your home. This type of work usually takes ten working days. 

Take advantage of the roadwork on your street to make some home improvements 

During this roadwork, the entire street will be rebuilt, including replacing the water supply mains, sewer pipes, pavement and sidewalks. You might want to do undertake some of the following projects, which will be easier to do at this time:

► Sewer pipes and water supply mains

The Ville de Saint-Lambert replaces the water supply mains and sewer pipes up to your property right-of-way. 

If you think that your private water supply mains and sewer pipes, which run between your house and the property line, have a problem or are obsolete, it might be a good time to replace them. These works must be carried out beforehand.

► Driveway

If you would like to change the layout of the curb and your driveway entrance, it’s also a good time to plan this type of work. 

For more information or to plan one or more of these projects, please contact Francis Côté at the Urban Planning, Permits and Inspection Department at 450-466-3889, ext. 3380.


We invite you to communicate with Simon Bédard-Goulet, division head - plans and design at the Engineering Management division. You can reach him at 450 466-3889, ext. 3148.

Stay informed!

The information on this page will be continually updated. We invite you to check it regularly for progress reports on the work.


2021-04-08 - Presentation

You can consult the presentation made to the citizens during the meeting of April 7 by clicking here.

2021-03-30 - Information meeting

To present the project to you, we invite you to attend an information meeting on Wednesday, April 7, at 7 p.m. via Zoom. The citizens concerned by this work will directly receive the information to join the meeting. If you live in the area and have not received the invitation, contact the Engineering Management division at 450 466-3094 or at

At this meeting, we will explain the main aspects of the project and present the anticipated plans and timeline. We will also offer some practical tips to ensure that your daily routine remains manageable and will answer all your questions.