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Each year, the City of Saint-Lambert undertakes a number of infrastructure and street improvement projects.

This section of the website will keep you informed about work being done, as well as any resulting traffic disruptions, to help you plan your trips accordingly.

For your safety, we urge you to be vigilant as you approach roadwork sites and to follow the detour signs that will be posted.

The dates indicated are approximate, as many factors, including weather conditions, can have an impact on how long projects take to complete.

2019-10-11 - Boil water advisory for Rive Droite residents (3 and 7 Simard Boulevard and 8 Riverside Drive) and for 20 Rhône Avenue residents, is now lifted.
The preventive boil water advisory for residents Rive Droite residents (3 and 7 Simard Boulevard and 8 Riverside Drive) and for 20 Rhône Avenue residents, is now lifted. Residents concerned will all receive a door hanger informing them of the situation. It is no longer necessary to boil your water before using it.

Info-works for Simard Boulevard | Bus stops 
Starting Monday, July 8, work to redevelop bus stops along Simard Boulevard will be carried out. The goal is to increase safety for both transit users and motorists.

The duration of the work will be approximately 3 to 4 weeks, and although it will not necessitate the complete closure of the street, the project could require alternating traffic at times. In this case, temporary signage will be installed, clearly indicating the procedure to follow. Bus routes will not be affected by the work. 

For more information, you can contact the Engineering Department at 450-466-3094 or

Reconstruction of the 120-kV underground Saint-Maxime–Marie-Victorin line
The 120-kV underground power line between the Saint-Maxime and Marie-Victorin substations was commissioned in 1967. It has now reached the end of its service life, and Hydro-Québec must rebuild it to ensure the long-term operability of its power grid.

Hydro-Québec will therefore be carrying out work on Saint-Georges Street, between Saint-Thomas Street and Saint-Charles Avenue, from July 2 to August 10. The public should expect some disruptions and temporary closures. To learn more about the project, visit: 

Modernizing our public street-lighting network

Beginning in mid-August, the City of Saint-Lambert will be converting 1,335 cobra-type street lights to LED technology. This change is part of a sound energy-management process and represents a significant step toward the smart and sustainable development of our municipality. 

Riverside Drive

In 2012, the City undertook a major project to rehabilitate the entire length of Riverside Drive, the longest artery in Saint-Lambert. Some streets that cross Riverside Drive are included in this project. Hickson, Edison, D’Anjou and Du Rhône avenues, as well as a section of Simard Boulevard, will also be rebuilt. For more information on that major project, visit the Riverside drive project description page.

In 2019, work will continue in the spring with the rehabilitation of Riverside Drive between Hickson and Alexandra Avenues. For more information, visit Rehabilitation of Riverside (Phase 6).

Rehabilitation of Rothesay Avenue

This summer, the City of Saint-Lambert will be reconstructing Rothesay Avenue, as well as the portion of Arran Street between Rothesay and Rivermere avenues. 

The work will consist of replacing the sewers and water mains, repaving, and rebuilding the sidewalks. For more information, visit the Rehabilitation of Rothesay Avenue.

Road resurfacing

Starting at the end of summer, certain roads in the municipality that are particularly damaged will be resurfaced. For more information, visit the Road resurfacing page.

Sidewalk and curb repairs

Over the summer, crews will be out repairing damaged sections of sidewalks and curbs throughout the municipality. This is very short-term work that should not affect traffic. For more information, visit the Sidewalk and curb repairs page.