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Always vigilant about its residents’ safety and security, the City of Saint-Lambert has put in place an automated messaging system. In the event of an alert or other emergency situation, the City can record a personalized message and send it out quickly to large numbers of people by telephone or text message.

This system is used only in exceptional circumstances involving, for example, evacuation notices, boil water advisories, unexpected street closures, water service interruptions, etc. In addition, in the event of a localized situation, the system can be used to reach only those residents who are directly concerned. 

Register now for your own safety and security

To subscribe to the system, simply log on to the B-CITI citizen portal and create an account. Then go to the "Notifications" tab under the "My Profile" menu.

The information you provide will remain confidential and not be used for any other purpose. 

Log on to B-CITI citizen portal

It is your responsibility to manage your file and make sure that your contact information is up-to-date at all times. 

Other sources of information

In addition to this service, the City uses all its other normal communication tools to reach the largest number of residents as quickly as possible. 

The City’s website and alert banner, its Twitter account, its Facebook account, signage on Saint-Lambert territory, and the media offer other efficient sources of information you should consult in the event of an alert or other emergency situation.

Pass on the information

We also ask that you pass on the information to your family, relatives, close friends, neighbours, and anyone else in your vicinity who could be affected by the situation under way. By doing so, you will help ensure your fellow residents’ safety.