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Plan for managing the emerald ash borer problem

Agrile du frêneWell aware of the consequences of this infestation, the City of Saint-Lambert has intensified its efforts in this regard since the fall of 2012. Since 2015, the City of Saint-Lambert adopted officially an annual action plan for managing the emerald ash borer problem.

The action plan sets forth measures designed to preserve the presence of ash trees in Saint-Lambert, reduce the impacts of this beetle, and renew and diversify the forest cover on both public and private land. 

Action plan regarding public land

Regarding public land, the action plan provides for the following measures: 

  1. Continue with the inventory of trees on public land and update the inventory of ash trees;
  2. Repeat treatment of already-treated trees with the insecticide TreeAzin every two years;
  3. Continue felling dead, dangerous or moderately dangerous ash trees infected by the emerald ash borer, showing signs of marked decline or having a life expectancy of less than five years; 
  4. Replace trees that have been cut down;
  5. Display posters on the ash trees that have to be cut down; 
  6. Prioritize trimming and felling ash trees, whenever possible, between October 1 and March 15; 
  7. Pursue efforts to develop the recycling of the wood from ash trees in collaboration with the Longueuil agglomeration. 

Action plan regarding private land

Regarding private land, the action plan provides for the following measures: 

  1. During the summer, offer residents a free, personalized coaching service to help them recognize the signs and symptoms of the emerald ash borer’s presence; 
  2. Offer a free telephone advisory service about the emerald ash borer during the summer, via the Info-Enviro line;
  3. Distribute the Guide municipal du choix des essences d’arbre à planter at a cost of $4.00, and provide copies for consultation on the City’s website and in municipal buildings; 
  4. Distribute the Rapport annuel de situation de l’agrile du frêne; 
  5. Support the replacement of private trees and increase forest biodiversity by distributing indigenous species (which are extremely rare in Saint-Lambert) at low cost;
  6. Continue offering free permits for cutting down ash trees;
  7. Abolish the cost of treating trees with TreeAzin;
  8. Retain the obligation to cut down dangerous trees. 

To carry out this action plan, City Council has earmarked a substantial, annual amount of $400,000 in the three-year capital expenditure program for 2015, 2016, and 2017. It will be spent exclusively on the emerald ash borer problem and land reforestation. 

This action plan is not set in stone. It will be reviewed and updated in light of emerging knowledge and research to ensure maximum effectiveness in the fight against this infestation.