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Protecting the environment is a collective responsibility that must be shared equally by both the municipal administration and citizens. It is through concerted efforts by the City and small gestures by individuals that we will be able to preserve the quality of life we hold so dear in this community. Already, with the adoption of its sustainable development plan, the City of Saint-Lambert has demonstrated its commitment to introduce concrete measures to ensure the sustainable and responsible development of our city.

To encourage the population to do the same, the City has also created programs and environmental subsidies that offer people a variety of ways to contribute to environmental protection. They not only encourage environmentally friendly practices but also save money as they lower the costs of materials or energy.

In this section, you can find out about the many ways you can save money while doing your part for the environment.


Residents who would like to start composting at home may purchase a Soil Saver composter for $25 (maximum two composters per household). The composters are available while stocks last from the City Hall, located at 55 Argyle Avenue. If you have any questions, contact the Environment Management at 450 466-3889, poste 3199 or at

Rainwater collection barrels

Residents interested in purchasing a rainwater harvesting barrel can do so at a cost of $30. They are available now from City Hall, located at 55 Argyle Avenue, while supplies last. If you have any questions, please contact the Environment Management division at 450-466-3199 or