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Ways to reduce your potable water consumption

There are numerous ways in which you can reduce your consumption of potable water on a daily basis!

Rain barrels

Baril récupérateur d'eau de pluie

By using rainwater to water your lawn and flowerbeds, you can save thousands of litres of water annually and you will be using water that has undergone no chemical treatment. You will need rain barrels to do so.

There are several models for sale on the market, some with as much as a 200-litre capacity. Equipped with a debris filter, these barrels collect clean water that is ideal for watering your plants, flowers, and vegetables. You can also use this water for other outdoor work such as washing your car.

The City of Saint-Lambert asks you to camouflage your rain barrels behind a shrub, trellis, or some other feature on your property so that they are not visible from the street.

Make sure you place your barrel on a stable raised surface because water flows by gravity. For more efficient filling, you can connect it directly to the downspout connected to your gutter or place it in an area where there is ample rainwater (i.e. not under trees).

Choose a low-flow toilet

In Québec, standard toilets currently consume up to 40% of the potable water used in residential activities. A standard toilet uses from 12 to 20 litres of water each time you flush, compared to 6 litres for a low-flow toilet.

To ensure the reduction in potable water use on its territory, the City of Saint-Lambert is offering local households financial aid of $75 for the replacement of a standard toilet by a low-flow toilet. See the Environmental Grants page for all the details and procedures to follow to benefit from this financial aid.

Trousse d'économie d'eau potable

Water conservation EcoKits 

The City of Saint-Lambert offers you water conservation EcoKits at reduced prices. Through this measure, the City hopes to make tools available to people that will help them better manage their consumption of potable water.

Easy to install and to use, the items included in the kits will limit flow rate to a maximum of 5.7 litres per minute. See the Environmental Grants page for all the details on the water conservation EcoKits.

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